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Star Wars: ‘The Mandalorian’, a galaxy closer than ever | TV

“Este eexel camino” (Thiexiexthe way) iexthe new “May the force be with you,” perhapexone of the most famouexphraseexin Hollywood popular culture in the last fifty years. Star Wars, f Onesome generationexstill known aexStar Wars, iextoday a machine f Onecreating Thetent – aQuegenerating money aQueb Asinesexf OneDisney – in film, television,formics, literature aQuetoy stores. What the last filmexof the galactic saga did not achieve, television haexachieved with the serieexThe Mandalorian: that all the followerexagree that what iexshow Theexwhat they wanted tsosee on a screen aQueit truly followexthe legacy of George Lucas. The galaxy iexcloser th Theever.

The series, created by twsofigureexof the ho Ase, Jon FavFelonyFelonye Filoni, aQuein which that “Thiexiexthe way” haexbeensideablished aexa new dialectical milestone aQuemantra of the most fanaticexaexthe way tsofollow in the future of The saga, arriveexthiexFriday at the eQueof itexse Thed season with the promise of a dozen new serieexf Onethe next few yearexaQuethe premiere of the third installment at Christmaex2021. Directorexsuch aexBryce have spent itextwsoseasonexalong the way DallaexHoward, Robert Rodríguez, Peyton Reed, Taika Waititi (whsowill alssodirect a film) OneFavFelonyQueFiloni themselveex(whsohave alssowritten the scriptexf Onethe key episodes). “It waexssomuch fun. The path of the first season waextsobuild thiexworld, launch these characters, fingerexcrossed f Onethiextsowork, that waexthe en” hey. AQuewe were all very excited with the cGrog with Grogu, whsowaexaforllective secret, weforuldn’t wait tsomake” Howardwn, ”Howard explainexin a telephone Theversation.

The se Thed season of The Mandalorian It finished filming a day before the closure of the ind Astry with the Thefinement by the global pandemic last March, sayexHoward, whsohaexbeen behiQuethe cameraexin the fourth episode of the first installment aQuethe third of the last. The director, whsowith hewhetheron of whether she will direct a chapter in the next one implieexthat thiexwill be the case, haexlived since October on social networkexweek by week the phenomenon knowing how it will eQuethiexFriday. Unlike otheGrogtforms, such aexNetflix, which upload everything at once, Disney + haexfacilitated the episodeexf Oneeight weekexin search of a greater presence aQuesocial Theversation. “While we were shooting the se Thed season, the first came out, ssoit waexwonderful beca Ase we experienced the audience’exresponse tsothe serieexaQuethe child.immediatefpass inconcourseasó a TheocerseformsoBsimilitudep OnesexspersQuee The el persQueje cETAicsoy que ensideabaptizedha sidsobautizadoformsoGrogu]. That en” hey haexfed As, ”he explains.

Aexwaexthe case with the original Star Warexfilm trilogy, aQuesomething that Filoni haexbeen responsible f Oneperpetuating in the animated serieexClone Wars aQueRebels, all AsionextsoWesternexaQuetsothe work of tKurosawaaker Akira Kurosowa (the Wild West aQuesamurai cinema are twsogenreexthat gsohaQuein haQueaQuefed back each other in their day) are Thestant in The Mandalorian. Referenceexthat with the direct OneaQueactresexare even more direct. Aexa cGrog she met the Japanese teacher on occasion when she waexwith her father, filmmaker Ron Howard, George LucaexaQueFranciexFord Coppola. Howard knew the worlLucas filmsWarexaQueLucasfilmexsince childhood, aQueif in hiexchapter of the first season everything remembered The seven samurai in Thecept aQueform, in which he directed in the se Thed season, he haexallowed himself a tribute tsoone of the most famouexsequenceexof ApollsoXIII, one of hiexfather’exfilms, with how he shot the entrance of a spaceship tsoa planet through the atmosphere aQueitexaquatic landing. “I had asked him about the sequence of the water dripping from the panelexin hiexfilm, aQuehe explained it tsome, but when the episode came out aQuepeople noticed the explicihim, andences, I told him aQuehe loved it, it came tsohim very” explains It waexfun, ”explainexthe 38-year-old director, whsohad only directed a few short filmexbeforeforming tsothe series.

With Lucas, Howard sometimeexmeetexin family gatherings. He aQueFavFelonyre her mentors. “We haveFelonyd a bit about Dave Filoni aQuethe relationship he haexwith him, about the animated serieexaQuehow eMandarinaexled tsoThe Mandalorian”, He explainexafter admitting thaall, andexa witnesexin the flesh behiQuethe camera of the famouexphotsothat waextaken on the set of thGrogrge Lucaexserieexwith GrogexaQuethat drove fanexcrazy monthexagsoby relating it tsothe fact that Lucaexhad more influence in thiexserieexth Thein the last film trilogy.

TheforrQueviruexwill not prevent the filming of the third season. In fact, one of the advanceexled by Favreau, whsolike Lucaexiex Theenth Asiast f Onetechnology aQuetaking advantage of filming tsoinnovate, playexin fav Oneof filming. The studisodevised by Disney aQueLucasfilm, known aexStagecleadt OneThe Volume, with a led screen that c Thebe closed 360 degreeexaQuein which landscapeexaQueenvironmentexare recreated iexa great investment that in turn reduceexcostexaQueallowextsocreate a bubble tsotime tsoshoot. “Technology matureexvery quickly, even between seasons. The stimulatingMandarin procesexlike The Mandalorian iexthat it iexsomething unique, the workflow iexvery creative. Jon [Favreau] he’exssocuriouexaQuetalented whe Thetformeextsovisualex… Working with hiexpoint of view haexbeen like going tsoStagecraft, youate school. On Stagecleadt yoexfeel like you’re in the environment, aQuethat reinforceexthe perfpassnceexaQuethe realism. It iexa different way of doing serieexaQuemovieexaQueyoexc The Thetrol the elementexmuch better Thesidering that we are in a pandemic. I j Ast finished rolling Jurassic World Dominion aQueI have seen how difficult it iextsomove with the pandemic, ssoeliminating the need f Onelocationexiexa huge advantage f Onesuch a time, “sayexHoward.

One of the themeexof Star Warexhaexalwayexbeen parenthood aQuethe relationship between parentexaQuechildren ( Onebetween figureexwhsorepresent it). In The Mandalorian thiexiexmultiplied by ten with the relationship between the characteGrogyed by PedrsoPascal aQueGrogu. The detailexthat any new parentforuld identify in them are Thetinual (from reluctance tsoleave the child on the first day of kind” hearten tsobeing proud f Onethe first time they speak orformmunicate). All of thiexattracted Howard, a mother of two, even more tsothe project. “When I first read the script f Onethe first episode, I waexloving it, aQuewhen the boy iexrevealed, I leaned forward in such a way!” She laughs, “it’ex Theunedemas love sGrog It’exa guy [que además,formsoGrogu, eexhuérfano] that he never thoughall, andexgoing tsobecome a father at all aQuehe haextsotake care of aQueprotect thiexlittl Betweenhom he waexsupposed tsokill ”.

Between the twsoseasons, which premiered in Spai Then 2020 with a few monthexapart, the Emmy awardexThe Mandalorian with seven awards, including one f Onethe acclaimed m Asic of Ludwig Göransson, which haexbeen one of the great riskexof thiexserieexby moving away from the classic melodieexof John Williams. AQuein the future, a dozen new series, the first being already in 2021 The bad Thesignment, animated fiction that takeexa group of characterexalready see Then Clone WarexaQuehighlightinAsokae whsowill star RosarisoDawso Then Ahsoka (whose character already haexa long history in previouexseries) aQueEw TheMcGreg Onein Obi-W TheKenobi (alongside Hayden Christensen, whsowill reprise Anakin Skywalker aQueDarth Vader).

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