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Starmer’s reorganization to demote Rayner is described as a “despicable act of cowardice” Politics

Good morning. When party leaders are in trouble, they often decide that the solution is reorganization. And having different staff can make a difference in the long run. But in the short term, reorganizations often seem to be causing more trouble than they’re worth and that’s certainly the case after Sir Keir Starmer’s long night of waiting.

When the shakeup was finally announced last night, much later than expected, Starmer had accomplished an important goal: to replace Anneliese Dodds, who had as little impact as a shadow chancellor than she did last week, Dominic Cummings said. didn’t even know who she was when she worked downing street – with Rachel Reeves. It has been reported that Starmer wanted Reeves as shadow chancellor when he first became Labor leader, but had to hand over the job to Dodds because he was told that Reeves would be unacceptable to the party’s left.

But otherwise, the achievements of the reorganization appear limited. After being informed that Angela Rayner, the deputy leader, was to be fired from her duties as party chair and national campaign coordinator, she has negotiated what appears to be a promotion. secretary of state, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and shadow secretary of state for the future of work, but the trust between her team and Starmer’s is clearly damaged. Other changes have been limited. And the shadow cabinet has grown to 34 members. With 32 of them being MPs, 16% of all Labor MPs are now shadow cabinet members.

Here’s our overnight story by Jessica Elgot Y Heather Stewart.

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Here’s Heather’s analysis.

This morning, Starmer faces backlash from the left. On the Today show Diane abbott, who was a shadow Secretary of the Interior under Jeremy Corbyn, said the shakeup suggested Starmer’s team didn’t know how the party worked. She told the show:

It seems as if the people around him (Sir Keir Starmer) certainly don’t understand how the party works. They tried to fire Angela Rayner to take the can for poor results over the weekend.

They didn’t seem to realize that because she’s an elected deputy leader, you can play with her title, but you can’t fire her, she’s still a high-ranking person in the shadow cabinet.

When asked if it was Rayner’s opinion that Starmer wanted to fire her, Abbott said:

Yes, that’s what the whole report was about. It was silly even to think about it and he had to back off: you can’t fire a vice president-elect.

On twitter Matt Zarb-Primo, who worked as Jeremy Corbyn’s press officer, said Reeves’s appointment as shadow chancellor was a mistake.

Matt Zarb-Primo

Our almost immediate response to the loss of Hartlepool is to make a Blairite the remnant who wanted to stop Brexit as the shadow chancellor. Wish us luck in Batley, we’re going to need it

May 9, 2021

John McDonnell, Corbyn’s shadow chancellor said the same about the firing of Nick Brown as boss whip.

John McDonnell MP

Firing Nick Brown, one of the most experienced and tactically astute whip bosses the party has ever had, is extremely inept. This looks like Mandelson’s revenge.

May 9, 2021

Y Andrew Fisher, Corbyn’s chief of policy when he was leader, criticized the firing of Brown and Dodds.

Andrew Fisher
(@ FisherAndrew79)

Nick Brown served diligently under Blair, Brown, and Corbyn. If someone symbolized unity in PLP …

May 9, 2021

Andrew Fisher
(@ FisherAndrew79)

I said it a month ago …

“It has been reported that Dodds is” struggling to communicate the direction of the party, “which is fair enough as there is no discernible direction. Blame it on the Leader, whose job it is to establish it.

May 9, 2021

I’ll post more on the reaction to the shakeup as the day progresses.

Parliament is still in recess, so there is not much in the newspaper. Here is the agenda.

12:00 h: Downing Street is expected to hold its lobby briefing.

17:00 h: Boris Johnson is scheduled to hold a press conference in which he will confirm that the next stage of coronavirus relief will take place next Monday.

Politics Live has been a mix of Covid and non-Covid recently. Today I hope to focus primarily on non-Covid politics – work, election reaction, Scotland, but I will cover the coronavirus press conference in issue 10 this afternoon. For other coronavirus coverage, read our live global blog.

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