Wednesday, October 20

Start the magic of cinema in the Alfàs del Pi

The first tribute of the night was for Film Days, the Dean of television film program, Directed by Gerardo Sánchez, the first to go on stage to collect the Silver Lighthouse. “They are 30 years, one of the oldest television programs together with Informe Semanal and Metrópolis.” He was presented with the award by Daniel Monzón, director, screenwriter and actor, who in his first stage as a journalist and film critic held the position of deputy director of the Film Days program. “A program that allows people to express their opinion, with a lot of personality, that I highly recommend,” said Monzón.

With tears of emotion – “I’m not very good at receiving awards, this afternoon I called my grandfather” – Ingrid García Jonsson picked up his Silver Lighthouse. The actress dedicated the recognition to her grandmother: “She always wanted to be an actress, here I am following her path. Nor am I clear about my qualities to deserve this tribute, I feel super lucky to be here. Silvia Marsó gave him the award, who pointed out that it is “beautiful to find a young person who has such a long history, but above all who transmits that truth in all the characters he plays.” Ingrid is a versatile actress, performer of comedies and dramas, and star of Álex de la Iglesia’s upcoming horror film, “Veneciafrenia.”

Carlos Santos the third and last award at the Alfàs Film Festival. He did it at the hands of Alejandro Ibáñez, son of Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. “This is the first Film Festival that I attend after this black period in which we have been immersed, and it will be eternally in my memory because we have gathered here after a year or so all my family.” the actor stressed.

The director of the Film Festival, Luis Larrodera, thanked the commitment to the culture of the municipality. And the mayor of l’Alfàs del Pi, Vicente Arques, reiterated the institutional and personal commitment to continue supporting the event, as the main tourist attraction, and thanked the Alicante Provincial Council for its support. All the honorees will have their star on the Paseo de la Playa de l’Albir.

Among the guests at the gala, the filmmaker and director of La 2, Samuel Martín Mateos; the expert in business and political leadership, Euprepio Padula; actress Esther Acebo, known for her performance in “La casa de papel”; the actor Daniel Pérez Prada; the Valencian actor Jordi Aguilar, member of the jury; Elena Arnao, casting director and also member of the jury; Carmen Bernabeu, television producer; Saray Esteso. journalist, broadcaster and reporter; the actor Carlos Librado, better known as Nene; Cristina Rodríguez, designer and stylist; the Valencian actress Empar Ferrer; Laura Gómez de la Cueva, star of the film “Lamentable Stories”, which opens on Wednesday at the Roma Cinema; Teresa Hurtado, actress member of the jury, and the Alicante actress, Rebeca Sala.

The artist Sole Giménez was in charge of putting the musical finishing touch to the opening gala, in a mini concert in which she improvised with Carlos Santos the song “How we changed” by Presuntos Implicados.

After the gala, the four venues of the Film Festival open. The House of Culture, the Roma Cinema, the Museum of the Roman Villa and the cinema al carrer en les Escoles Velles, where good films at popular prices can be seen throughout the week, as well as the 21 short films selected for competition.

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