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Starve a ‘rider’

‘Starve’ is a slang term used by dealers. And a rider rejects four orders in a row in the Glovo appSuddenly the algorithm no longer loves him and punishes him to spend a whole day without a single message getting through to you. “You see how the rest of dealers who are with you come and go without stopping, but you don’t even have a request. “Several riders consulted tell the same story, some are even forced to leave the app because the drought is prolonged, almost none of them want to report it. they call it ‘starving’.

But the one speaking is J. Parrado, one of the first Glovo on Valencia that has recently won a lawsuit against the company for this reason. Your account was disconnected from the app unjustifiably and without prior notice, leaving him without the job with which he supported his 5 and 4 year old children. With a stroke of the pen. And without giving explanations. The sentence condemns Glovo for unfair dismissal to compensate him with 3,349 euros and proves that during that time he was a worker of the company, and not a autonomous.

Parrado It’s one of the riders more veterans of the app in Valencia. He started working in September 2017, “we would be about 50 delivery men, no more,” he says. For this reason, it was one of those who earned the most money in staff, since the application prioritizes loyalty, it always wants you there. So he drops the orders first in the hands of the couriers who have been with the longest, and then in the new ones.

Thus, Parrado earned 1,000 euros per month. “Now it is much less, people earn 400,” he explains. Of course, they were 1,000 euros discounting self-employed, gasoline on their motorcycle and the use of their own means (vehicle and mobile to work). It was 11 hours a day, from 11 to 17 and then from 20 to one in the morning. For a thousand euros.

“All the old staff with which I started has been coming out like this, they have disconnected the account of those who were from the beginning,” says Parrado


This is how she fed her 5 and 4-year-old children, until, in August 2020, she decided to take a week-long vacation. “I spoke to the boy from Glovo in Valencia to tell him that I was leaving, not to worry, “he says Parrado, who took precautions not his own despite the fact that on paper he was a freelancer. In this sense, the sentence handed down makes it clear that “the defendant company sets the working hours, contacts the restaurants to provide the service, is the one who manages the customers’ orders, gives the worker the box with the logo of Glovo where to transport the merchandise, is the one that has the mobile phone application to communicate to the operators with the functions, the one that distributes the tasks among the distributors depending on the proximity of the customers and the specific circumstances of each order ”. So leave black on white “The existence of an employment relationship between the parties”. This newspaper has tried to contact Glovo but has received no response.

Disconnection without explanations

According to Parrado, during the holidays he suffered from an attack of appendicitis that left him convalescing in the hospital, and when he wanted to enter the app to report this he found that his password was not working. He was like this for more than ten days without receiving a reply. “I sent emails with my photo in the hospital to those responsible for the platform so that they could see it, but they did not reply to anything.” Finally the answer came: his account had been deleted. The reason; it had taken 60 minutes to place three orders.

Parrado says that they responded to him after fifteen days, and with “false expectations”. “You have 20 days to claim, so they answered me dizzy.” But he denounced, and won. He says that he is sure that the company wanted to disconnect him for a long time because he is one of the oldest distributors and before the application of the rider law on the horizon, which would have forced the company to regularize him. “All the old staff with which I started has been coming out like this, they have disconnected the account of those who were from the beginning,” he complains.

Finally, the company had to choose between compensating Parrado with 3,300 euros or hiring him as a worker and regularizing him, something that “clearly the company is not going to do it, because it had to have paid 14 or 15 thousand euros “, denounces Parrado.

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