Wednesday, October 20

State Assembly hires attorneys to conduct impeachment investigation against Governor Cuomo

The President of the State Assembly Carl Heastie and the president of the Judicial Committee of that legislative body, Charles Lavine, announced this Wednesday the hiring of the Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP law firm to lead the investigation related to the impeachment against Governor Andrew Cuomo, in relation to a series of accusations he faces not only for various cases of sexual harassment, but also for the mishandling of the coronavirus crisis in the nursing homes and structural problems Y security at the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

“Beginning Thursday, President Lavine led an exhaustive search for a top-tier company to assist with the investigation. I have the utmost faith that Assemblyman Lavine and our Judicial Committee will conduct a full and fair investigation“Heastie said, adding that hiring that law firm” will give the Committee the experience, independence and resources necessary to handle this important investigation in a complete and expeditious manner. “

And even though Cuomo faces multiple scandals at the same time, it is the complaints of harassment and sexual assault that are exerting the most pressure for the state president to resign, something that he has ruled out insisting that he will not make that decision before knowing the result of the two investigations he faces, that of the State Assembly and one initiated by State Attorney Letitia James.

The Judicial Committee of the Assembly reported last week that it would initiate an investigation that would be the first step to analyze the possibility of introducing articles of impeachment against Governor Cuomo, which would formally begin a ‘impeachment’ (political trial).

Lavine indicated that the Committee that he chairs will not only investigate the accusations of inappropriate conduct made by at least six women, but also the alleged cover-up of the real number of deaths in nursing homes and complaints that ensure that the Government concealed security problems in the infrastructure of the Mario Cuomo Bridge, which was inaugurated in 2017.

“The incorporation of Davis Polk It will allow my Judiciary Committee colleagues and me to fully and fairly investigate the allegations, ”said Assemblyman Lavine. “These are serious allegations and will be dealt with fairly., due process and discretion ”.

In a statement from the Assembly it was explained that Davis Polk is a premier law firm with offices around the world and experience in sensitive investigations. His team includes Angela Burgess, Greg Andres y Martine Beamon, who will work directly with Lavine and the Judiciary Committee to lead the investigation. Andres was also an assistant to the special prosecutor in the office of Robert Mueller during the Russian investigation.

The Committee authorized that firm to “search all the evidence to determine the extent to which violations of the law have occurred.”

Would it be condemned?

In an interview on Tuesday, the Majority Leader in the State Senate Andrea Stewart-Cousins said she believes “that impeachment would result in a conviction.”

Does the Upper House have the votes to impeach the Governor of New York?Stewart-Cousins ​​was asked, to which he replied, “You know, I think most of my members have suggested that the Governor should resign, so I haven’t consulted anyone, but I think most of my members have spoken.” .

If the investigation in the Assembly concludes with the official drafting of articles of impeachment against the Governor, which would have to be voted on by the Lower House, the next step will be the beginning of a political trial in the Senate, and there at the end of the process the Senators would have to vote on whether or not Cuomo was guilty, which could result in his removal from office.

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