Monday, May 17

State Assembly passes New York budget with funds for excluded workers

After spending much of the morning and the course of the day analyzing the measures that were missing to approve in the budget, the State Assembly in full put the final proposal to the vote this Wednesday which includes the $ 2.1 billion in a Fund for Excluded Workers.

The approval in the lower house was the final step in getting New York’s budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 into law, and after its approval, it was specified that the fund for the excluded will be administered by the work Department and provide critical support to workers who do not have access to unemployment, federal stimulus or other assistance funds during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Essential workers across the state risked their lives to keep our state moving and our families safe.”

Heastie added: “When unemployment rates soared last summer, many of those dedicated workers were excluded from any type of federal assistance during this pandemic and we must take care of all New Yorkers. “

“Like so many communities in this state, immigrant communities have been devastated by the COVID-19 crisis and the economic devastation it has caused,” said the Assemblyman Catalina Cruz, president of the Task Force on New Americans, adding that unlike most New Yorkers, “these communities have received absolutely no financial aid or relief during this crisis., despite paying taxes and unemployment insuranceor. This action will help correct this mistake and demonstrate the compassion and decency that has long been owed to these New York workers. “

The Also Hispanic Assembly Member Carmen De La Rosa, said that every working New Yorker “deserves relief from the devastating effects of this health and economic crisis. These communities were at the epicenter of this pandemic, but have not received any financial relief. This fund ensures that all New Yorkers are treated with dignity and supported during this difficult time. “

Fund details

The term ‘excluded worker’ shall include any individual who does not meet the eligibility requirements for state or federal unemployment benefits and has not received any such benefits; You do not meet the eligibility requirements for federal stimulus payments; and have suffered a loss of income from work or home due to COVID-19. This could include losing a job, working hours, or becoming breadwinner or the main source of income for a household in the event that the head of the household is deceased or disabled.

Benefits would be available to any excluded worker whose gross work-related earnings did not exceed $ 26,208 in the 12 months prior to the effective date of the program, representing the maximum amount of unemployment benefits that these individuals would have otherwise received. if they were eligible for unemployment. Each individual will need to present proof of identity, proof of New York State residency, and proof of work-related eligibility during the benefit period March 27, 2020 through April 1, 2021 in order to receive benefits.

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