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State Department accused of delaying evacuation flights in Afghanistan

The situation of the remaining citizens in Afghanistan is still uncertain.

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Versions about the delay of flights from Afghanistan to the United States have been released in recent days. Now, the State Department is designated as one of those responsible for the “postponement” of the take-off of the planes with Americans and Afghan allies.

An organizer of chartered flights for the evacuation of citizens from the airport territory Mazar-i-Sharif blamed the federal entity for allegedly stopping the planes, and alleged that the White House will “crush their hands with blood” if any of the people who intend to leave Afghanistan are injured or killed by the Taliban, he reviewed The New York Post.

For its part, another flight organizer assured in statements to Reuters what some 1,000 people, including Americans, detained in Afghanistan waiting only for authorization from the State Department to launch your flights.

Another reason why he held them responsible is because they would not have informed the Taliban to approve departures at Mazar-i-Shariff airport. “They must be held accountable for endangering the lives of these people,” said the source, who asked the British agency not to reveal his identity.

Among those who question the actions of the department led by Anthony Blinken, is an individual who also asked to remain anonymous, and blamed the federal entity for the delays that occurred. “This is a ‘zero’ place to deal with American lives. Those are our people standing on the track and all it takes is a phone call. “said the source to Fox News.

The unidentified person added that it was not the Taliban who had prevented the departure of planes so far and regretted admitting that the fault would lie with the United States government.

He suggested that the State Department he is “ashamed” that private charter flights help Americans escape from Afghanistan after the Biden administration left them “stranded” after the US military withdrawal that took place on August 30.

No apparent authorization to support withdrawal from Qatar

Rick Clay, who is in charge of operating the private group PlanB that seeks to rescue people from Afghanistan, told Fox News that it has tried to obtain authorization to land in Doha, Qatar, a neighboring country of Afghanistan to facilitate the process of withdrawal of the remaining people.

However, military commanders at Al Udeid Air Base in Doha noted that those seeking authorization must be managed by the State Department. After this, he claimed to have a manifesto with 4,500 names of US citizens holding Green Cards and Afghans with special visas to leave the country, but they have had problems to finalize the approval.

He revealed that he gave the State Department 800 names of people who would be passengers during the first flights. “It is imperative that we get to Doha, where there are other refugee centers”, and revealed the problems it has had to be able to have the endorsement to land in Qatar from Afghanistan.

He went on to say that the State Department does not allow private charter flights “Land nowhere”, and said agency officials blame the absence of traffic controllers and radar inconveniences for the delays.

“If we can get on planes, pick up people and take them out, why can’t we take them to Doha to the refugee center or other refugee centers?” (…) “This does not make sense,” said Clay.

Ever since it emerged that the US military had left Afghan territory, the Biden administration has promised that one of its priorities was to get Americans and allies who are still in the territory controlled by the Taliban out of the country.

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