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State Department criticized Maduro for suspending dialogue with the opposition after the extradition of Alex Saab

Ned Price made it clear that the charges brought against Alex Saab have nothing to do with the Venezuelan dialogue.

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WASHINGTON – The US State Department on Monday criticized the government of Venezuela for interrupting the dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition in Mexico and putting the case of the Colombian-Venezuelan businessman Alex Saab by “above” of the “Welfare of millions of Venezuelans.”

This is how the spokesman for the State Department, Ned Price, in his daily press conference when commenting on the decision of Caracas to break contacts with the opposition after the extradition to the United States of Saab, alleged front man of the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro.

“With the suspension of the talks (…) the Maduro regime has put the case of an individual above the well-being of millions of Venezuelans who have made clear their aspirations for democracy, greater freedom and prosperity”Price said.

Saab had his first hearing in a South Florida court on Monday, where he is charged with seven counts of money laundering and one of conspiracy to commit that crime.

Price further added that “It is often difficult for autocratic and repressive governments” understand that in the US security agencies operate “Regardless of political issues.”

The criminal charges against Alex Saab date back much earlier and have nothing to do with political negotiations. “, he stressed.

For his part, Maduro assured that “The United States knew that by kidnapping Álex Saab, a member of the Mexican dialogue commission, it was putting a deadly stab at the dialogues and negotiations in Mexico” and criticized that in Washington “they do not want dialogue, they do not want peace for Venezuela.”

The fourth session of the talks was to begin this Sunday, October 17, in the Mexican capital.

The Colombian businessman was arrested on June 12, 2020 in Cape Verde under an arrest warrant issued through Interpol by the US and he was extradited to the North American country on Saturday.

Saab, 49, is accused of seven counts of laundering and one more of conspiracy to launder and, in addition, since May 2019, he has been sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury

I DO IT It sanctioned him for his alleged participation in several large-scale corruption schemes around the construction of popular housing, distribution of food to the poorest and illicit operations with Venezuelan gold.

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