Saturday, December 4

State of alarm and freedom



Today marks a year since the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, decreed the state of alarm given the dramatic situation that Spain was beginning to suffer from the exponential contagion of the coronavirus. Gone are the days when the government’s stubbornness to celebrate the 8-M events with massive demonstrations in the streets, and its refusal to accept the prudence recommendations of the World Health Organization, contributed decisively to mass the population. pandemic. From that day on, the constant unpredictability, improvisation, the inability to hit a defined health strategy against the virus and, above all, the progressive use of propaganda for Sánchez to pretend to be at the forefront of a crisis that was beginning to cause hundreds of daily deaths and with our health structure collapsed and overcome.

Today, a year later, the death estimates are chilling. They already exceed 100,000 despite the fact that the Government is still installed in an absurd spiral of lies about it. In one year, the virus has completely changed the life of the planet. The pandemic has led to massive confinements, it has separated family members, it has killed people in a cruel way and in absolute solitude, it has exhausted our toilets, it has tested many of the errors of globalization, and it has made us economically impoverished. Citing each and every one of the lethal consequences would give thousands of doctoral theses. They have marked us for life.

However, the exceptionality of the state of alarm has been used in an abusive and arbitrary way by the Government to colonize the public space on a whim and to steal many of its control functions from Parliament. To date, in sixteen months with Sánchez in Moncloa, ten have been under the state of alarm. His last decision, and in order not to risk losing votes in Congress that would prevent him from extending the exceptionality, was to decree it for six months, until May 9. However, after three waves, which are more tragic than the previous one, and after the apparent respite that the disease now grants to hospitals, the Government has already announced, in the middle of March, that it intends to further extend the state of alarm . At the moment, he has not revealed for how long, but Sánchez will want to repeat the operation, steal any public debate and turn to his partners in the legislature to impose more months.

It will not matter in which phase this exasperating vaccination process is, but it is evident that in May Sánchez’s commitment to immunizing Spaniards will remain very incomplete. And it will not matter if the ‘co-governance’ that it imposed on the autonomies has worked or not – which it has not – to shake off responsibilities for the wear and tear caused by the management of the pandemic. Therefore, nothing changes whether you are under alarm or not. The Government has not legislated. It has not conditioned our system for a more effective fight against the virus, and conflicts with the autonomies have multiplied. Furthermore, Sánchez has eluded his promise that the autonomies evaluate the operation of the state of alarm when four months have elapsed. In this context, it is worth asking whether his frivolous habit of governing by decree will not be the ultimate cause of extending the state of alarm until he wants to. The conclusion is that Sánchez only performs well in a regime of restriction of freedoms.

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