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State of Mexico: A 72-year-old man arrested in Atizapán, designated as a serial femicide

Bone remains found this Tuesday in a home in Atizapán, Mexico.
Bone remains found this Tuesday in a home in Atizapán, Mexico.PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE

The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office has arrested Andrés N., a 72-year-old man, investigated as an alleged serial femicide, as reported. The police carried out a raid on the man’s house, in the municipality of Atizapán, as part of an investigation into the femicide of a 34-year-old woman when they found dismembered human remains, identifications, shoes, bags and women’s clothing, according to the release. “Given the characteristics of the evidence and findings in this place, the possibility that the remains of several victims may be found,” said the authorities. The detainee was taken to a prison in Tlalnepantla, a neighboring city located in the same entity.


In a large police deployment, agents from at least three security forces, along with firefighters, officials from the Feminicide Prosecutor’s Office and tracking dogs from the municipal police force broke into the man’s house, in the Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood, with a court order. They were looking for a missing woman. Instead, they found human remains in a basement and buried in one of the rooms of the house, they claim. According to the expert opinion carried out on the site, the authorities believe that at least one of the victims was first killed and then dismembered at the site.

File issued by the Prosecutor's Office.
File issued by the Prosecutor’s Office.

“It was possible to locate various skeletal remains in this place, as well as voter credentials and various women’s clothing, footwear and bags, as well as other evidence such as notebooks with various names, video cassettes and makeup,” says the official statement. In the disseminated images you can see blood stains, dozens of jewels and nail polishes that were seized in the house. The human remains will be transferred to an office of the Public Ministry to be subjected to expert reports in order to identify them. The investigation in the house continued open this Tuesday afternoon, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. “It should be noted that the proceedings in the place will continue to search for other signs and more possible remains, since various areas of the house have yet to be analyzed.”

After the arrest, Andrés N. was sent to the Tlalnepantla Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, where he will remain until his judicial situation is defined. In a video of the transfer of the 72-year-old man, you can see how he walks with difficulty. It is unknown, however, when the human remains date. Dilcya García, the prosecutor for Investigation of Gender Crimes in the State of Mexico, has reported that the detainee has already been charged. “We have found elements that make us suppose that it may be a serial femicide,” he said.

Finding of the security forces, this Tuesday, in the State of Mexico.
Finding of the security forces, this Tuesday, in the State of Mexico.PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE

The macabre details of this Tuesday’s arrest revive the case of the Ecatepec monster, a serial femicide arrested in October 2018 after a search of the house in which human remains were found in a similar way to that of this Tuesday. The State of Mexico is among the most dangerous entities to be a woman in the country. Only there were 102 femicides registered during the first quarter of this year.

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