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Staten Island confirmed its Republican heart in elections but Latinos have a divided soul

The Big Apple is considered without a doubt a blue city, judging by the results of the presidential elections in which 73% of the more than 2,346,000 votes that were counted, they were for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, while only one 26% of New Yorkers decided to support Donald Trump and to Republican Party.

And although Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn y El Bronx voted overwhelmingly for the president-elect, who will assume power on January 20 next, the New York City he cannot claim to be fully democratic. Just a few miles from the Verrazzano Bridge and across the Statue of Liberty on the famous New York ferry, the condado de Staten IslandHome to nearly half a million people, he once again showed his Republican heart and his support for Trump.

There the current president he was victorious with almost him 62% of the voteswhile the Democrats supported Biden with 37% of the total more than 179,203 votes that were counted. This feeling is perceived even among Hispanics in the county, who unlike other areas of the Big Apple, halls and strong defense of Trump and the Republicans.

“We here vote more for Trump, because he is a true president, is a person who really put the economy of this country up and although now they want to steal the elections, everyone will see that in January he will continue to be president, because he is a better option than the Democrats, “he said with great conviction the dominican Sergio Ferrera.

The barber, who insisted that Republicans have better vision than Democratsadded that “Unfortunately, the only ones who are not doing well with Trump are the undocumented.

“The illegals are obviously going to have more problems with him, but the country in general is going to be better off with his re-election,” he said. el residente de Staten Island.

A similar opinion stated Lucio Gentil, originally from Guerrero, Mexico, who was waiting for the bus in the Castleton Avenuesaid Republicans are better rulers.

Dominican Sergio Ferrera, of Staten Island, supports Trump

“I can’t vote, because I don’t have papers, but my wife who is a citizen voted for Trump, because at least now there is more work and we are better in the economy and many forget that Biden and Obama deported more people than Trump“Said the construction worker, who assured that Staten Island does not feel discriminated against. “I have been living here for many years and I felt calm with Trump“.

Salvadoran Rogelio Rugeles showed even more his republican soul and said that his position is because he likes the “heavy-handed” politicians.

Trump is criticized because he wanted to put order in the house, but that is necessary. I come from a country where gangs and crime destroyed everything, I think you have to act with force like him, and not like Biden and the Democrats who are weak, “said the cook, admitting that although he feels safe in that county , you see a lot of racism. “The brunettes here are very heavy with Latinos, not so much the whites, and they are Democrats, so you can’t come to say that all Republicans are devils or that Democrats are good little guys. “

Opinions divided among Hispanics

Contrary to those opinions, Alberto González, originally from Cuautla, Morelos, in Mexico, was saddened that Staten Island is a Republican county, and mentioned that it hurts him to know that many countrymen support Trump.

With a broad Latino presence, Staten Island is the only Republican county in New York City

Here is a lot of white that goes for Trump I even understand them, but I have also fought with Mexicans and Latinos who are Trumpistas and defend him with a fury as if they did not care about all the bad things he has done to us … It makes me sick to see that many when the papers come out they forget how they have treated us“Said the father of the family, who described Trump’s term as a nightmare.

“They have harassed me here, they have told me about everything, they have humiliated me more And my kids have suffered offensive comments at school since Trump is president. It wasn’t like that before, but the good thing is that now with Biden, I think that will change “commented the immigrant.

Naomi Cruz, employee of the bakery Coffee with milk, from the Avenue Port Richmond, mentioned that although Biden has won the elections, he considers that there will be no changes in the county or clashes between Republicans and Democrats.

“Here people can vote differently, but in normal life things remain the same and you don’t see those differences, in the end we are all latinos “said the young woman from Guatemalan and Dominican origin, who admitted that since Trump is president, the harassment of some Hispanics has increased.

Noemí Cruz, of Guatemalan origin, assured that the electoral results will not change that county at all

Zulema Mendieta, mother of two children aged 5 and 7, who recalled that in the last election Trump also won there above Hillary Clinton (with less support than this time 57% vs. 41%), stressed that despite this he doesn’t think that county is truly republican.

“I out there I heard there are more registered Democratic voters here in Staten Island than Republicans, and I really do believe it, I think this is democrat land too, because I don’t feel that there is a hostile or extreme environment here … only the lady who wanted to be mayor and now won for Congress (Nicole Malliotakis who beat Democrat Max Rose), that this one is very racist and being the daughter of a Cuban mother, ”said the housewife. “But now with Biden as president, because the Democrats around here are going to come out more and this is going to be fixed.”

Election Results in Staten Island

  • 344,375 are registered voters in Staten Island.
  • 142,481 are registered as Democrats.
  • 107,304 are registered as Republicans.
  • 110,094 people voted for Trump this year, representing 62% of the total votes received.
  • 67,223 county residents voted for Biden, or 37%.
  • 92,383 votes received by Trump on Staten Island in 2016
  • 71,348 votes Hillary Clinton received there in 2016
  • 136,382 votes, (57.9%), received Republican Nicolle Malliotakis, who defeated Democrat Max Rose in his race for Congress, who had 99,224 (42.1%)

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