Tuesday, November 24

Steal the car from the Local Police to flee in Alicante

The Local Police vehicle after what happened

The Local Police vehicle after what happened

A 24-year-old young man was arrested this morning in Alicante for trying to run away in a Local Police car and injuring two officers, as reported by the Department of Security of the Alicante City Council. The events occurred when a patrol went to a hotel in the city where the notice had been given that a client was disturbing public order. During the intervention, the young man ran, got into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle. Finally, he has been arrested for an alleged crime of attacking authority and causing injury to officers.

The event occurred in Belgium Street, where a team of Local Police had come around 3:30 am to intervene in a problem that was occurring in a hotel. According to police sources, when the agents arrived, they found the client in question in a state of excitement, in the parking area of ​​the hotel complex and showing an uncooperative attitude. Seeing the state that it presented, and at the request of the detainee, they have proceeded to commission an ambulance, which has come immediately.

When the toilets have arrived, the young man has run from the back of the parking lot to the front door from the hotel to escape, where the agents had the police vehicle parked. At that time he has entered the local police patrol and has taken the driver’s seat.

The agents then asked him to get off, however, according to the same sources, the young man has ignored it, and very quickly Has started the vehicle at the same time that the agents opened the front doors of the same. Simultaneously, the individual has put the reverse gear, initiating the movement of the vehicle and trying to run over the officers.

The Police have managed to remove the keys from the ignition and immobilize this person, thus preventing his escape, although the car has come to reverse for about fifteen meters and has hit some flower beds and the wall that delimits the parking lot.

The agents have arrested and immobilized this man, who has been treated by the medical services of a SAMU unit.

In this intervention, two Local Police officers have been injured with injuries and contractures in various parts of the body, who have had to be assisted by health personnel. On the other hand, the police vehicle has been damaged in its rear part showing one of the rear wheels burst as a result of the impact against the wall.

The Local Police have arrested this man for an alleged crime of attacking authority and causing injury to two officers. The detainee, who has been informed of the reasons for his arrest as well as his rights, has been transferred to the police station until he is brought to justice.

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