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Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson Trade, Reviewed: How WRs Compare From 2020 Bills and Vikings Trade

The Vikings made a critical decision about the direction of their offense during the 2020 offseason. They traded their star catcher, Stefon Diggs, to the Bills in exchange for four draft picks, including a 2021 first-round pick.

Diggs had been with the Vikings since he was selected in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He became one of the best receivers in the NFL, but his time in Minnesota ended on a sour note.

However, Vikings fans have forgiven him quite easily. That’s because Justin Jefferson has become a star for the Vikings.

Jefferson was part of Diggs’s return of business. The Vikings used the first-round pick the Bills sent them to select Jefferson, and the LSU product replaced Diggs quickly and smoothly.

Jefferson hopes to continue his dominance when the Vikings take on the Cowboys on “Sunday Night Football.” And who will line up in front of him often during that contest? None other than Stefon Diggs’s brother, Trevon Diggs.

That makes for a perfect time to revisit the Elder Diggs drama in Minnesota, as well as the exchange that sent him to Buffalo and gave the Vikings the ammo to land Jefferson.

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Why did the Vikings change Stefon Diggs?

The Vikings traded Stefon Diggs amid mounting tensions between Diggs and the team. The relationship between the two parties became unsustainable during the 2019 season which reached a boiling point in October of that season.

Diggs was apparently frustrated with his role on the Minnesota offense, which was beginning to employ a racing-intense approach. He averaged just 4.8 goals per game in his first five games of the season and had three games with 49 receiving yards or less.

Before the Vikings’ Week 5 game against the Giants, Diggs decided not to attend practices or team meetings on Monday and Wednesday. He was also asked about the business rumors surrounding him. He chose not to deny them.

“I feel like all the rumors are true, no matter how you disguise it,” Diggs said of the rumor that he could be traded. for professional football talk. “I won’t say anything about it. I won’t talk about it at all. But I guess all the rumors are true. “

That did little to inspire confidence that Diggs was dedicated to the team. However, the Vikings allowed him to play the Giants, but also fined him $ 200,000 for missing practices and team meetings.

Diggs remained in Minnesota for the rest of the season, but in the offseason, trouble between Diggs and the Vikings resurfaced, and he sent a cryptic tweet in mid-March that hinted at a new beginning.

Four days later, Diggs was traded to the Bills. He found success on the Buffalo offense and then explained on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” exactly why he wanted to leave the Vikings.

“[The Vikings] they were heading for a heavy race [offense] At that time,” Diggs said. “I didn’t know it was going to come in. I didn’t know it was going to be that way. They would only allow me to do so much. In my opinion, it wasn’t going to be the best thing for my professional career.”

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Stefon Diggs Business Details

  • Invoices receive: Stefon Diggs, 2020 Vikings seventh-round pick
  • Vikings get: 2020 Bills first, fifth and sixth round picks; 2021 Fourth Round Selection

The Bills acquired Diggs in exchange for a large amount of service capital. The biggest prize in the package was his 2020 first-round pick, which ended up being the 22nd overall pick.

Later, the Vikings used the first-round pick of Justin Jefferson, a rookie receiver from LSU. While the Bills looked like the winners of the Diggs trade at the time, the Vikings who selected Jefferson ended up making this a much more balanced trade.

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Justin Jefferson vs Stefon Diggs from 2020

Jefferson has played in 22 career games with 20 starts since entering the league in 2020. Diggs has also played in 22 regular-season games with the Bills in that same span.

His stats in those games are remarkably similar.

Player objectives Receptions Receiving yards Receive TD
Stefon diggs 224 164 1,998 10
Justin jefferson 184 129 1,942 10

Even their compliments mirror each other. Diggs was an AP All-Pro in 2020, while Jefferson made the Pro Bowl. And while Jefferson set an NFL rookie record with 1,400 receiving yards in 2020, Diggs led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,535.

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