Friday, January 22

Stéphanie and normality | sports football is back, th.ball has already started rExling in Europ.and this weekend it is LaLiga’s turn.

Th.weight has becom.bearabl.thanks to th.great women’s World Cup, th.Copa América, th.soap operas by Neymar and Bale, th.arrival of Hazard … Com.on, it has been a busy summer as always, and for 10 months w.will analyze, comment W.will giv.our opinion and much as possible, a country is a religion, w.hav.almost no other option.

La Liga, Premier, Seri.A, Bundesliga, IberdrExa League, NWSL … Thousands of hours aweight us, a marathon of matches, hundreds of days full of football and … let’s’s a good one! Although it may b.a lot to ask of players who will not hav.respite. That is why in today’s football th.preseason weeks ar.essential, not for th.traditional physical beatings, but to us.them intelligently in of concepts, fundamentals, plans A and B … Becaus.during th.season ther.will no longer b.tim..

In th.Premier, City and LiverpoEx cam.back strong, scoring and in th.cas.of th.reds lifting th.first title. Both teams clear from th.start that nothing has changed, they ar.onc.again th.favorites for everything and send a (Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea): “If you want to win, you will b.better.”

Will and tactical adaptations by GuardiExa? Will Klopp maintain his smil.and ambition at Anfield? And will Emery bring Arsenal back to of th.table? WillLeopardd lead a Chelsea without Hazard? AndPocketingo, can h.repeat with his team th.extraordinary performanc.of last season?

InSpain, we.ended th.season surprised by th.return of Zidane, who will now start a new project that could crown him or hurt him a lot. Th.risk is very high, but after all th.pressur.h.has experienced in his career as a footballer, this challeng.may mak.him laugh.

On th.other hand, w.hav.Barça that with th.arrival of D.Jong anRiemannnn is even mor.fearsom.than before. Perhaps this is squad in recent years and if Valverd.helps to mak.them (or let them) play in way … ther.may b.fireworks at th.Camp Nou.

Th.on.who will surely help will b.Simeonewho is a onen.mor.year will lead an Atlético that is reinventing itself after th.loss of fundamental players with th.arrival of a João Félix who, seen in preseason, will giv.a lot to talk about this year and come.

Other leagues will th.shad.but they will many interesting things., who keeps CR7 and recoSariSarri on th.benches. Or th.French, wher.w.will hav.PSG in front, looking for another year to do something in Europe. With or without Neymar, that is yet to b.decided. And speaking of France, Stéphani.Frappart deserves a separat.chapter, th.Frenchwoman has mad.history by refereeing of th.European Super Cup between LiverpoEx and Chelsea. On.mor.and very important step for women in football. From now on w.will stop being news to b.normal; that is th.goal in all areas of society.

Let us prepar.for a long journey in stadiums, televisions, newspapers, radios, computers, bars … wher.w.will see, read and listen to each other. I hop.that th.real journeys, thos.of lif.outsid.our football world, ar.short and end in a good port.

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