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Stephen Curry after breaking the triple record: “It was a special moment that I will remember all my life”

Ray Allen and Reggie Miller joined Curry on a special evening.

Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images

Stephen Curry declared after becoming the NBA player who has made the most triples that “it is a special moment” that he will remember all his life and allows him to call himself “the best shooter” in history, as well as warning that he will try to take the record to a number that no one can reach in the future.

Curry beat Ray Allen’s previous record of 2,973 3s made in the Golden State Warriors (GSW) game Tuesday night against the New York Knicks.

The Warriors point guard only needed 2 triples to beat Allen and finally materialized 5, so for the moment the new record is located at 2,977.

Curry told the media that reaching Allen’s record has been “a lovely end to this week” and thanked the fans who filled New York’s Madison Square Garden for “the special atmosphere.”

“I appreciate how the fans joined in and allowed me to enjoy it,” he said.

Curry, who scored his first triple in the NBA on October 30, 2009, has surpassed Allen’s number of 3s in 789 games.. Allen, who retired in 2014, needed 1,300 to hit 2,973 3-pointers and Reggie Miller, the NBA’s third-highest three-pointer, 1,389 games to make 2,560.

Allen and Miller were at Madison Square Garden to celebrate with Curry the record number of triples and the GSW point guard welcomed the presence of the two figures.

Those who were also in the New York state were Curry’s parents.

Just after scoring the triple that broke Allen’s record, the Golden State Warriors requested a timeout so that Curry could be congratulated by the entire team as well as by his father, Dell Curry.

Father and son hugged on the Madison Square Garden court and the Warriors point guard handed his father the ball with which he had broken the record. A ball that is now invaluable.

The new record increases Curry’s dimension as one of the great players in all of NBA history, the player who changed the way teams approach games with his ability to shoot from long range, sometimes even from the logo. central court.

Curry stated that now that he has beaten Allen, he has no problem calling himself the best shooter in NBA history.

“I didn’t want to call myself the best shooter until I had this record. Now I feel comfortable saying it, ”he said.

Curry also made it clear that he wants to keep that record forever.

“I am proud to shoot a high percentage, I am proud that it allows us to win games, and now I can be proud of the longevity of reaching that number that Ray set and that I hope to push to a number that no one can reach. Let’s see what happens ”, he added.

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