Friday, January 22

Stephen Curry gives his best scoring display with 62 points

The star base Stephen Curry He lived his stellar shooting night since he came to the NBA by scoring 62 points in the game that his W teamGolden Stat arriorsand won by 137-122 at Portland Trail Blazers

Curry finished the game with 18 of 31 shots from the field, including 8 of 16 from triples, and hit 18 of 19 from the personnel line, in addition to capturing five rebounds and distributing four assists in the 36 minutes he was on the Chase Center court, from San Francisco

The Warriors’ star point guard started the game with scores from all positions on the field, with 22 points in the first quarter, without the Trail Blazers defense being able to control him

The Blazers had no answer for the dominance of Curry, as the All-Star point guard found enough room to throw the patented long-distance shots that have defined his career

Lillard’s Recognition

After a triple in the middle of the fourth quarter, Curry maintained his scoring inspiration, despite the fact that the Chase Center bleachers this time could not participate in the excitement anspectacularlyty that his actions put in the former Warriors field, Oracle Arena, at the Oakland headquarters

After scoring the eighth triple of the game with just under a minute to go, Curry he ran excitedly around the court with his arms at his sides and was received in the same way by his teammate the power forward Draymond Green Curry left shortly after and received hugs from his teammates on the Warriors bench

After the game concluded, Trail Blazers players congratulated Curry, including the Portland team’s star point guard, Damian Lillard, who gave him a hug before leaving the track

Beside Curry, canadian forward Andrew Wiggins consolidates his offensive game and contributed 21 points, in addition to capturing seven rebounds and distributing two assists The young center, rookie James Wiseman, 19, was once again another of the positive notes of the renewed Warriors by getting a double-double of 12 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks

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Another positive factor that the game left to the Warriors (3-3) was the improvement that the forward had KellOutrere Jr, who finished as the third highest scorer with 17 points and five rebounds

The Trail blazers they had Lillard as their leading scorer by scoring 32 points, after scoring six of 15 3-point attempts While the escort JCMcCollum he reached 28 points, including two triples from eight attempts, grabbed nine rebounds, gave five assists and recovered two balls, which did not prevent the defeat of the Portland team

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