Monday, July 4

Stephen Hawking’s prediction about black holes that MIT scientists verified 50 years later

  • Jose Carlos Cueto
  • BBC News World

Two spiral black holes.

Image source, LIGO


Collision simulation of two spiral black holes.

Fifty years later, a group of scientists has confirmed one of the most famous theorems of the British physicist Stephen Hawking.

It is the area theory of black holes, which argues that the area beyond the event horizon, the boundary from which nothing can escape, it never decreases.

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other research centers, led by the physicist Maximilian Isi, were the first to confirm this theory, based on the observation of gravitational waves.

Despite the fact that very extreme processes occur within a black hole where the physical laws that we believe to be universal do not apply, “it is curious that similar things happen at the microphysical level with laws of thermodynamics”, Isi explains to BBC Mundo.

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