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Steps to install a charging point for electric cars in my garage

Electric cars are gaining more followers every day, although they still have a major drawback so their sales do not increase even more: the charging infrastructure. And it is that when buying one of these vehicles, it becomes almost essential to be able to charge it at home. So at this point, several questions arise: how to install a charging point in my home? Can I do it in a community garage? how should i act?

It should be known that most brands that sell electric cars offer promotions and offers to install the charging point in your home, some manufacturers even give you the charging point and the installation itself for free. Also from the dealer they guide you to carry out the installation and on the charging point that your vehicle needs depending on the battery of the electric car.

But if the dealer does not take charge, you must hire the services of an authorized electrician installer and comply with the regulations established by the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation on the installation of charging points in garages. Depending on the type of home and your needs, there are several options.

First of all, a charging point can be installed in a single garage of a single-family home. The car can be connected to the 16A domestic socket at no additional cost, only the electricity consumption that it entails. The conventional domestic outlet uses a grounded Schuko-type connector. The downside is that charging is done at low power (2.3 kW) and is less safe.

Or also install a wallbox type recharging point or wall base. The cost of the equipment ranges between 100 and 350 euros, to which must be added the cost of installing an exclusive circuit (maximum 9.2 kW), which will be higher the more meters of cables are needed to reach the individual meter. The price of the installation can vary between 400 and 700 euros. In general terms, installing an electric car charging point does not usually exceed 1,000 euros. If the electric car has a high capacity battery, you will have to consider installing a more powerful charger.

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Specifically, from Aedive they detail all the steps you must follow to put a charger in the garage, especially in case the car is second-hand and you cannot access certain promotions.

The Horizontal Property Law establishes that you only have to INFORM the community of owners of the intention to put on a charging point. Therefore, it is not necessary to vote in a meeting of owners. The owner will have to take charge, of course, of all the costs of the installation and it is probable that they can ask him for an explanation of how the installation is going to be done because the wiring will pass through common areas, but never prohibit or deny.

The ITC BT52 – included in Royal Decree 1053/2014, of December 12, which approves a new Complementary Technical Instruction (ITC) BT 52 «Installations for special purposes. Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles”, of the Electrotechnical Regulation for low voltage, approved by Royal Decree 842/2002, of August 2, and other complementary technical instructions of the same are modified- establishes the criteria for the installation of charging points according to what scenarios and with regard to an owner’s home, there is the possibility of making an individual connection (generally this is done when contracting with a CPO or recharging operator) or a connection that comes out of the home’s own meter (diagram 2).

It is important to have the services of an approved installation company, which will be able to advise the client on the best option, or the type of charging point depending on the electric vehicle owned. After the installation, the installer must be asked for an installation bulletin because later, if there is an OCA (building installation inspection), the person responsible for the absence of a bulletin will fall on the owner.

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