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Stickers for WhatsApp: how to install them and more than 50 free packages to download on iOS and Android

The WhatsApp stickers they’re fun, they add pizzazz and variety to talks, and there are millions of them to choose from.

Unfortunately as soon as they appear, they go away… Most of them don’t last very long because they rotate continuously, so it’s easy to miss some of the funniest ones.

We have collected more than 50 packs of WhatsApp stickers, the newest and most original of 2022, and we show you the links to download. In addition, we teach you install them on iOS and Androidif you have never used them.

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.

The whatsapp stickers they’re fun…until they start to repeat themselves too much. That is why the collection must be constantly renewed.

We’ve put together a list with plenty to choose from. In this link we also teach you how to create your own animated stickers.

Best WhatsApp Stickers 2022

what are the stickers

Stickers are stickers that are placed on WhatsApp messages. Its use is similar to emoticons, but they do not only express emotions or feelings.

They also summarize ideas, jokes, memes, lifestyles, tastes… and much more.

When you are writing a WhatsApp message, next to the emojis or GIFs icon you will also see the stickers icon, which is a sticker bent in one corner:

How to install Stickers on Android

Install new stickers on your mobile to use them in chats, it is very simple. There are several ways to do it.

From the app itself, if you tap on the stickers icon and then on the + button, you will access a collection of apps that you can add to your favorites. Tap on the one you like the most and hit download:

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The other option is look for them on google play. Just type in the search engine wastickers or wastickerapp, and thousands of them will appear. Install the ones you like the most and they will be integrated into your WhatsApp keyboard.

We are going to offer you Google Play links to the best stickers that we have found, so you just have to enter the link and tap on Installto add them to your collection.

How to install Stickers on iOS

On Apple devices they work somewhat differently, since it is not possible to search individually in the App Store.

To install new stickers you have to do it through the numerous sticker download apps that exist. These apps allow you to locate thousands of them, and they take care of installing them on WhatsApp.

You must follow these steps:

  • Download the app with the stickers from the App Store
  • Open the app, and when you see a sticker pack you like, tap the + button and then Add to WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp will open and you will have to tap on Keep for them to be stored

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Beware of permissions

The whatsapp stickers they should not ask you for any permission to install themsince they don’t need any of our data to work.

If when installing one, it asks you for some permission, begin to suspect. It may be trying to spy on you, or even install a Trojan.

Better not install it and look for others, because there are millions to choose from.

avatar packs

Stickers of people, characters, roles…

3D Emoji Stickers For WhatsApp

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Stickers of characters that look like you… and to Apple Memojiseverything has to be said…

Download free 3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp

Celebrity Sticker for WhatsApp Free

In a compilation of this type, you could not miss a pack of celebrities

Download free Celebrity Sticker for WhatsApp Free

Football Star Stickers for WhatsApp

caricatures of soccer players of great quality.

Download free Football Star Stickers for WhatsApp


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Sticker packs for couples

For boyfriends, lovers, close friendsAnd what comes up…

Romantic Stickers for WA

Quality romantic photosmost in black and white.

Download free Romantic Stickers for WA

Love Stickers for WhatsApp

More careful design stickers for couples.

Download free Love Stickers for WhatsApp


Funny memes and stickers

Stickers to start a smile, or end a conversation with a good taste in your mouth.

WASticker MEME Stickers

Hundreds of classic memes that circulate through forums and social networks, collected in the form of stickers.

Download free WASticker MEME Stickers

WAStickerApp – Cute and funny babies

Is there anything funnier than a baby doing thanks?

Free Download WAStickerApp – Cute and funny babies


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animal packs

The paradise of animal lovers.

Bird WAStickers

If you like birds, you need these stickers…

Download Bird WAStickers for free

Dog Stickers For WhatsApp : Cute Doggy WAStickers

Who can resist these adorable puppies?

Free Download Dog Stickers For WhatsApp : Cute Doggy WAStickers


Cinema, series and comics packs

Baby Yoda Stickers

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The fashionable character of television… Baby Yoda WhatsApp stickers!

Download Baby Yoda Stickers for free

HP WA Stickers

When you see the screenshot, you will surely guess what HP stands for.

Download free HP WA Stickers

Stickers Box – Animated WAStickerApps

An app that includes a bit of everything: animation series, anime, video games...

Download Free Stickers Box – Animated WAStickerApps

WASticker Star Wars Pack

May the Force be with you.

Download WASticker Star Wars Pack for free

+100000 Anime Stickers & Animated For WhatsApp

Over 100,000 stickers and animations created by the anime fan community.

Free Download +100000 Anime Stickers & Animated For WhatsApp

WAStickerApps Anime Sticker

Hundreds of stickers from television series, mostly anime, but also American.

Free Download WAStickerApps Anime Sticker


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Video game bundles

For the most gamers.

Stickers Battle Royale WastickerApps

Download Stickers Battle Royale WastickerApps for free


A bit of everything

A miscellany that hides curious and funny things. You will surely find something that interests you.

Jesus Christ Sticker Pack for WA

For religious people.

Free Download Jesus Christ Sticker Pack for WA

Drunk Stickers : Drunk WastickerApps

For those who are always thinking of partying…

Download Free Drunk Stickers : Drunk WastickerApps


If you want to know how to install stickers from other countries, look here.

An incredible variety, right?

As you have seen, it is very easy to find and use stickers for WhatsApp. Surely from now on you share them with your contacts.

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