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Storm in Spanish football due to improvisation with Filomena



The tremendous snowfall that hit the center of the Peninsula especially caused a crazy Saturday in Spanish football, where from early in the morning there were phone calls, negotiations at the highest level and communications that ended up leading to the change of dates of several games scheduled for this weekend. There were also suspensions. An intense day, cold and very nervous for those responsible for the Federation and LaLiga, but also angry at clubs such as Real Madrid, that on Friday he suffered an odyssey at the Barajas airport on his way to Pamplona and that this Saturday he had to remain pending throughout the day due to the possibility of a postponement of his meeting with the Osasuna. The target was not, however, the only team upset, from inside, by the management of this meteorological crisis.

Although he had been warning for days of the extreme strength of Filomena, the squall seemed to catch the football leaders with a changed foot. In the Community of Madrid, where the red alert was activated, it began to snow heavily on Friday at noon, but the Federation did not announce until the early hours of the night the constitution of a “Crisis Commission” to address the suspension of matches of national competitions. An example of the sensation of improvisation transmitted by the football leaders because when the suspension of the Mirandés-Rayo, the Vallecano complex was already trapped because of the snow. “Five hours of bus jammed to advance 20 km and to return, each one as possible to a safe place to sleep. A nonsense that makes you wonder if they really care about the health and safety of people or are we simple marionettes directed “, denounced the franjirrojo player on his social networks Oscar Valentine after returning to the capital. Back in Vallecas, returning to their homes was an odyssey for Ray players.

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The malaise of the Spanish soccer actors pointed towards the RFEF and LaLiga because, in addition to Rayo, other teams also experienced avoidable situations for many taking into account the weather forecasts that had existed for days. The Athletic plane could not land in the capital on Friday and had to return to Bilbao. Although the forecasts suggested that the snow would continue to fall strongly during the morning of Saturday in Madrid, the suspension of the match against the Athletic It did not occur until the early hours of the morning, a delay that caused surprise in both clubs. March 10 now appears on the horizon as the date for that duel.

An anger that was much more evident in the case of Real Madrid, which had planned to travel to Pamplona on Saturday morning and was forced to advance the trip to Friday afternoon at the request of the League. A chaotic trip that began when the snowfall in the capital was already gigantic and that caused the Whites’ plane to have to stay for more than three hours on the Barajas airport runway.

Pamplona timetable

The expedition arrived late Friday night in Navarra and, given the truce given by the snow early in the morning yesterday, the Real Madrid He proposed to LaLiga to advance his match against Osasuna to the time slot left free by Atlético-Athletic (4.15pm), an option that was finally ruled out. A decision that did not sit well in the Bernabéu entity because, throughout yesterday’s day, the concern about returning home accompanied Zidane’s team, who on Thursday will have to play in Andalusia the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup against him Athletic. With roads and streets of Madrid hidden in the snow, how footballers could get to their respective homes was a constant concern.

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In a season with a calendar already overloaded due to the coronavirus, LaLiga tried to endure as long as possible until the end to avoid requesting the Competition Committee to suspend matches and their subsequent postponement. An inevitable decision in the case of Athletic-Athletic, but also in others that affected Second Division clubs. In the early afternoon, the organization chaired by Tebas reported the suspension of Mirandés-Rayo Vallecano and Alcorcón-Albacete, which should have been played yesterday and were initially postponed to Sunday. Nor will the Leganés-Almería be played today, while Sporting-Fuenlabrada was delayed until Monday, as was the First Division duel between Elche and Getafe.

Valencia was asked to delay until this Sunday their displacement to face the Valladolid, a party whose celebration will depend on the state of the infrastructures in the Castilian city.

The uncertainty and organizational chaos also carried over to women’s football. Barcelona was forced to travel by AVE to the capital on Friday, but could not play their match against Madrid CFF yesterday. Upon arrival at the Atocha station, the expedition knew the suspension of their duel. The player Melanie Serrano He pointed out to the RFEF: “I still don’t understand how the Federation has made us travel to Madrid. Will we ever start to do things with consistency and common sense? ”, The Barça player wondered in her networks.

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