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Strong criticism for Adamari López, they called her: “Vieja” and “Malpeinada”

Adamari López received strong criticism for her ‘look’ and they called her “Vieja” and “Malpeinada”.

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Shorty” from Today, Adamari López, He has received many compliments for his thinness in recent months, but this week he has not hit on the looks and they made him many strong criticisms that included “Old woman” Y “Malpeinada“: The fans assure that their outfits this week have been wrong to do the show of Telemundo. There is no doubt that the television presenter was even hit with the bucket.

“Oh no Adamari, don’t wear those old-fashioned dresses that don’t look good on you again. Your figurine does not favor you. It is not that please do not let someone know “,” That dress NOOOOOOOOO For God’s sake “,” … Burn that dress “,” With that red dress looks even smaller Ada “,” Nooo long nooo dresses rather short “,” No, no and no, please don’t dress like that you’re going to go back, that dress looks bad on you, it doesn’t suit you at all, it wasn’t a good choice, “” Ayyyy Adamaris, you no longer hide what CACATU YOU ARE … .DWARF TIRED…. ” and “You dressed like the old ladies again” were some of the harsh criticisms that could be read days ago in the account of Instagram from the television show. This referring to a red dress that Adamari used, it was below the knee and with buttons.

On the other hand, today was also the subject of harsh comments since they combed her hair with some hooks on the sides and this again unleashed criticism and ridicule from the regulars of the television program.

“Well, it has been lowered but they don’t comb her to make it look like a girl either, it isn’t, she’s already aged 40, I don’t understand why they try to lower her age at all costs”, “She’s pretty but that hairstyle they make her to make her look like a girl isn’t It favors her 50 years, she hides them but she will never look like when she was 15 years old ”,“ I love it, but it looks like the dubi dubi hair, but for the record it’s just a joke… kisses ”,“ You are beautiful inside and outside. .but find another wardrobe consultant and hairdresser. ”,“… It seems that her worst enemy dresses and combs her ”, they were part of the harsh messages the driver received.

All this very contrary to what had happened days before when he appeared in the Latin American Music Awards in a sparkly minidress that exposed her spectacular legs and the bright tan she wore that day, which highlighted the driver’s arms, men, and chest.

But, in short, Adamari López has not had it easy this week in terms of pleasing her fans and that she came from a good wardrobe streak and had managed not only to look better but to keep her fans happy. The good news is that this does not obscure the charisma and good heart that the Puerto Rican has, which is why she is one of the most beloved of the Hispanic screens.

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