Tuesday, October 19

Students infected in the macro outbreak in Mallorca are close to 900 cases

End-of-course students in Mallorca.

End-of-course students in Mallorca.

The Basque Country has notified in the last hours new cases of COVID-19 associated with outbreaks linked to end-of-year trips to Mallorca, with which the total count of cases among students now approaches 900, according to information provided by the different autonomous governments.

Specific, the Community of Madrid has already counted 410 cases; Galicia 70; Basque Country 172; Valencian Community 104; Catalonia 64; Murcia in 20; Castilla-La Mancha 11 and Aragon 10.

To these positives notified by the different Autonomous Communities, we must add the 33 positives in Mallorca notified this Sunday by the Balearic Government between students from different communities. These 33 young people and another 142 have been transferred to the Palma Bellver covid bridge hotel.

Of the total of 33 positives notified by the Balearic Government, nine with symptoms -mainly fever- have been transferred to the Son Espases University Hospital as a precaution. The young people admitted are well, within their symptomatological state, the Ministry of Health assured this Sunday.

A) Yes, the positive cases of coronavirus associated with the macro outbreak in Mallorca that have been verified to date amount to 894 in total.

It should also be taken into account that 476 young Andalusians are currently in isolation after having made end-of-year trips to Mallorca. This Friday they began to practice the tests and, for now, the results are unknown.

Also in the Community of Madrid, in addition to the 410 positives of COVID-19 related to the macro outbreak in Mallorca there are more than 2,000 quarantined and 11 cases of secondary transmission have already been registered.

Likewise, in Mallorca, in addition, of the 175 young people transferred to the covid Palma Bellver bridge hotel, there are 93 other young people who could have had a direct or indirect relationship with the outbreak.

For these 93 students who still remain in their hotels, a control protocol has been established in collaboration with the Government Delegation so that they remain isolated in their rooms awaiting parental authorization to be transferred to the bridge hotel where the diagnostic test would be performed. .

It should be remembered that the Alerts Report of the Ministry of Health agreed last Thursday that those who are or have participated in end-of-year trips to Mallorca are considered “close contacts”.

The Balearic Government has communicated that it has opened a file to the organizers of a Reguetón concert in the Plaza de Toros de Palma and investigates nine hotels for outbreaks associated with end-of-year trips.

On the other hand, regarding the workers of the six hotels that have been mainly affected by this macro outbreak, the Balearic Government has communicated that it has already carried out a screening.

Of the total of 175 workers tested for the coronavirus as of this Sunday, one has tested positive for COVID-19.


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