Monday, June 5

Students occupy the Sorbonne in Paris and refuse to choose between Le Pen or Macron

  • The protesters denounce “a false election” between the two candidates to preside over the country and brand their electoral programs as “reactionary blackmail”

Many universities of France have been occupied by students on the last day, including the Sorbonne in Pariswhere this Thursday clashes between the police and young people, who protest against the policies of Marine LePen Y Emmanuel Macronpresidential candidates.

“No, no, not Le Pen or Macron”shouted hundreds of students concentrated this Thursday at the gates of the Sorbonne, the most emblematic university in Paris, partially occupied since Wednesday after an assembly of students who denounced “a false choice” between the two candidates to preside over the country.

After the first round of the elections, last Sunday, in which Le Pen and Macron qualified for the second round on April 24, hundreds of students have participated in concentrations in different universities throughout the country calling for mobilization but without give voting instructions.

They consider that the programs of both candidates are “a reactionary blackmail” and many anticipate that they will not vote or that they hesitate to vote for Macron to stop the extreme rightas has been happening in the country for more than twenty years.

Among the protesters there are activists from groups such as supportive, SOS Racism Y student unions who denounce the immigration policies of both applicants for considering them similar.

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In the vicinity of the Sorbonne they saw clashes between students and riot police who fired tear gas to disperse the masses while protesters threw containers and fire extinguishers. The protests were also registered at universities in Toulouse, Nantes and Rennes, some of the main student centers in the country.

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