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Study reveals why we should walk more often

Physical activity was quite reduced during 2020 due to confinement due to the pandemic, as indicated Stylist. In this context of quarantine and mobility restrictions, one of the most accessible exercises has been walking.

According to a 2013 study, brisk walking can contribute to our heart health just as much as jogging. We will talk more about this study in more detail below.

Is walking more beneficial than running?

In this study published in the American Heart Association Journal, the researchers compared two studies that involved 33,060 walkers and 15,045 runners. The goal was measure the health benefits that can be perceived with both activities.

The researchers found that people who walk perceive greater health benefits than those who jog. In the risk indicator for high blood pressure, people who walked had a 7.2% lower risk, while runners had 4.2%.

This also applies to the indicator of risk associated with bad cholesterol. People who walked (7%) were less likely to suffer from cholesterol problems than people who jogged regularly (4.5%).

Both groups had the same decreased risk of suffering diabetes, being 12%.

walking exercise
If you want to exercise despite confinement, walking can be a great option. Source: Shutterstock

No excuses to exercise

According to Paul Williams, the lead investigator for this study, walking and jogging are ideal activities to measure the perceived health benefits of moderate intensity walks and vigorous, high intensity jogging.

According to him, this is because these exercises involve the same muscle groups being basically the same activity, only performed with different intensities.

According to Williams, this study also seeks to indicate that walking and jogging are both activities that allow us to invest in our future health and that they provide confirmed benefits, so there would be no reason to reject one or another method and not exercise at all.

The intensity factor

Dr. Georgina Stebbings, Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology, believes that intensity does make a difference when it comes to physical activity. According to her, Ideally, the exercise you do will leave you breathless, which may require moderate or high intensity exercise.

She believes that this situation can easily occur with a short but fairly powerful and intense walk, as well as a slower and longer walk in time. The goal of both is to promote burnout.

If you don’t want to push yourself too hard with the jog, walking can be a more accessible and simple option to perform for you. Before proceeding with it, find out what you need to do so so that you can fully enjoy its benefits.

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