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Study techniques and tips to pass selectivity

Applicants to selectivity studying in the public library of Cáceres. / A. MENDEZ

In Extremadura, the EBAU begins this Tuesday and training experts recommend that these last days be just for review because “it is already very difficult to assimilate new concepts”

Alvaro Rubio

EBAU 2022 is here. In some communities it has already started and in Extremadura it will start this Tuesday with the first exams. 5,270 students will present themselves to what is known as Selectividad in this region and in recent weeks the students have been trying to use study techniques to achieve the best results, as well as advice on how to relax and take the tests calmly.

Ángel Daniel Olaya, director of the Academiaprendix de Badajoz, which has been training young people for several years to take this type of exam, explains to TODAY the keys to facing the EBAU successfully.

Organize the study

“To prepare for the Selectivity exam they have to go from more to less, that is, start very hard at the beginning with the study and relax, although most do the opposite, they get overwhelmed and are restless,” says Olaya.

That is one of his first recommendations and that means that they start studying as soon as they finish the second year of Baccalaureate exams at the end of May and as the days of the EBAU get closer they relax with the study hours. «The ideal in this last week is to review. They should already have assimilated the knowledge », he adds.

Practice and theory

Combining practice and theory is one of the resources that works best for not getting bored of studying and concentrating better for Selectividad. “For example, it is good to combine Mathematics, which is a very practical subject, with Literature, which is more theoretical,” they indicate from Learnex. “That helps rest the brain,” they add.

rest and sleep well

And precisely to improve the results, rest is necessary. It is important to disconnect. “Every day they have to carve out a little time to clear their heads. The ideal is to take advantage of the morning to study and a little of the afternoon. Of course, after the study you have to find a period to go outdoors, walk or play sports, “says Ángel Daniel.

What can I do to sleep well?

“Sleep is essential. If it is not very complicated to fix concepts », he indicates. Therefore, we must try not to transgress the usual sleep schedule, try to maintain a stable schedule throughout the week and sleep eight hours a day, as recommended by scientific societies and the World Health Organization.

control the nerves

The nerves have to stay at the door of the class in which the exam is going to be done. In fact, in most cases this is how it is when they see the content of the test and more considering the high percentage of approved.

In Extremadura, last year 94% of the students who applied passed the EBAU. “No exam that they have taken in Baccalaureate has such a high pass rate, so they should be calm,” they say from Learnex.

a plan b

The problem comes from the pressure they have to reach the grade to access the career they want to study. Above all, it happens with students who want to enter degrees with high demand such as Medicine. “They must be aware that this possibility exists and we usually tell them that they must have a plan B in case they do not succeed,” Angel clarifies.

He adds that during these years of the pandemic, the cut-off marks have risen a lot and that has increased competition among students. “We recommend that you not focus exclusively on that, but on the exam and enjoy the process. It is not only about showing everything that one knows, that too, but about enjoying a new experience”, explains Ángel. And it is that these days will become his first contact with the University.


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