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Subaru produces more than 20 million AWD vehicles in the world

Subaru produces more than 20 million AWD vehicles in the world

Subaru produces more than 20 million AWD vehicles in the world

Subaru CorporationSubaru Corporation announces a new milestone in its history, and that is cumulative production of its AWD vehicles exceeded 20 million units last June. This production record comes 49 years after the brand began producing vehicles with the permanent AWD traction system in the Subaru Leone 4WD Estate Van, in September 1972.

Today AWD models represent 98% of the company’s global sales, and all of them have the system Subaru Symmetrical AWD, equipped with the Boxer engine with horizontally opposed cylinders. The most prominent feature of the Symmetrical AWD is its symmetrically distributed powertrain paired with a longitudinally mounted Boxer engine positioned in line with it. The combination of the low center of gravity provided by the engine and the balance of weight, maximizes the stability and traction intrinsic to all-wheel drive, resulting in excellent driving performance on all types of roads and weather conditions.

49 years after its launch and after 20 million units produced, Subaru’s AWD permanent traction system keeps evolving. What’s more, Subaru’s AWD system performance will be further enhanced for the brand’s upcoming electrified models, such as the 100% electric SUV Solterra to be commercialized in 2022.

Subaru All Around Safety

Safety is one of the most solid pillars of Subaru and is the main purchase argument of a model of this brand that claims reduce to zero, by 2030, the number of road traffic accidents involving a Subaru.

The legendary symmetrical permanent all-wheel drive, Symmetrical AWD, provides maximum traction capacity in difficult traffic situations, thus offering high safety in all types of circumstances. According to the engineers responsible for the development of Symmetrical AWD, the distance traveled until a non-permanent 4-wheel drive system is activated at 120 km / h is 10 meters. For Subaru that distance can make the difference between having or not having a traffic accident, which is why it continues to use it in its cars as one of its differential technologies in terms of safety.

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Subaru has two other electronic systems that complete and enhance the already excellent traction capacity of its models. The first is the active torque control (Active Torque Vectoring), a system that improves the dynamic behavior and the response of the vehicle in curves through the selective braking of the inner wheels and the increase of the torque that is sent to the outer wheels. The ATV system improves cornering by almost completely eliminating understeer.

The second system is the X-Mode, which has two modes of operation: Snow Dirt (snow / gravel) and Deep Snow Mud (snow and mud)Both modes modify and adapt both the delivery of engine torque to the wheels and the active management of traction control to optimize progress in the most difficult driving situations. It should be noted that in snow and mud mode, descent control is automatically activated when the vehicle detects a steep slope.

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