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Subaru WRX S4, the essence of the brand seen from afar

Subaru WRX S4, the essence of the brand seen from afar

Subaru WRX S4, the essence of the brand seen from afar

Early in 2020 appeared on the market the Final Edition of WRX STi, the last samurai we have seen in Europe. The last Subaru which embodied the sporting essence of the brand, which recalled the golden era of the signing of the six stars in the World Cup rally. That car was pure feeling, passion for the road and the engine. But he left and the brand’s range has been orphaned. The Impreza, compact, and the SUV range is all that’s left. In Spain, neither the Levorg, which was not sporty, but its front was reminiscent of the WRX, nor the FAST, and it seems unlikely that the new one will reach Europe. The planet must be saved.

With a compact whose name conveys melancholy and three SUVs for sale it has remained Subaru, although outside of the Old Continent they continue to bet on returning to their roots. Not long ago the new FAST, fruit of cooperation with Toyota, and a new WRX with market specifications U.S. Now, the brand launches only in Japan the new WRX S4, the closest to STi since the arrival of the previous generation.

The boxer engine is maintained

This new WRX It is aesthetically recognizable, thanks to known elements such as the air intake on the hood or the huge hexagonal grille, but it offers interesting novelties in terms of elements such as its front and rear light groups, now in C shape in accordance with the rest of the brand’s models. Several plastic moldings surround the silhouette of this exclusive samurai for Japan and give it some robustness, culminating in four rear exhaust outlets. Its image is certainly sporty but the huge spoiler typical of the model is missing, although it could be reserved for a hypothetical STi version in the future.

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While a more radical variant is expected, the acronym for Subaru Technical International appear in two of the four finishes, the STi Sport R and the STi Sport R EX, with its red logo on the grille and tailgate, sports seats Recaro upholstered in Ultra Suede, leather details in the interior, red stitching, badging on the steering wheel and carbon fiber look trim. However, there are no chassis or engine variations for these finishes. Inside, in addition, a digital instrument panel of 12.3 inch and a vertical screen of 11.6 inch for the infotainment system Starlink. The system will not be missing Eyesight, which groups together all the safety functions of the car.

As for its engine, it does not renounce the boxer engine, although it is not the same as the previous one WRX STi. This turbocharged gasoline engine from 2.5 liters delivery 275 CV power and 375 Nm of maximum torque. The increase in displacement, according to Subaru, allows greater acceleration and better response. Nor does he, of course, renounce his system of all-wheel drive SAWD. Associated with a transmission CVT automatic, although fortunately a manual mode that will simulate eight speeds can be selected.

The new WRX S4, in its most basic finish, the GT-H, is already on sale from 31.000 euros, 37.000 for him STi Sport R EX. Unfortunately, they will only enjoy it in Japan. You will have to search for videos on YouTube.

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