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Subject was arrested after his 2-year-old son accidentally killed his mother while speaking on Zoom

Agents received 911 reports reporting the incident in August of this year.

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A subject in Florida was arrested Tuesday after his 2-year-old son shot and killed a woman while on a call for Zoom, authorities said.

The person identified as Veondre Avery, 22, faces involuntary manslaughter charges for failing to safely store his firearm following the murder of Shamaya Lynn, 21 years past August 11ththe state attorney’s office reported in a statement.

During the tragic event, the boy had found the weaponry during a call from Lynn on Zoom with his co-workers in Altamonte Spring, he reviewed NBC News.

Agents said the audio from the 911 call showed a man, who is apparently Avery, pleading with medical personnel to hurry up. He said he had just got home when he found his girlfriend on the floor bloody, and that he did not know what had happened, he related while trying to do the resuscitation before the medical team arrived.

The police officer of Altomonte Springs, Rob Ruiz, informed journalists on Tuesday about the teaching left by this terrible fact and what should be done to avoid more incidents of this type.

“To all who are tuning in to this story, if you have a firearm, keep it insured to avoid this type of incident”Ruíz said in statements collected by WESH2.

He added to his statements that he is aware that what happened has been tragic, and that “It may not have been something that person (Veondre Avery) wanted to do, but now it has its consequence”, he sentenced.

Before the arrival of the police, they found the young woman on the ground and tried to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation; however, the efforts were in vain and the woman passed away.

The prosecutor’s office determined that the weapon was in the couple’s bedroom inside a backpack from the children’s TV series “Paw Control”, which was the boy’s.

They stated that only one shot was fired, and that the evidence had indicated that the boy had unconsciously fired the weapon when he was shot in the head.

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