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Subject was arrested for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in the garden of his Long Island home

Officers found Meghan Kiefer’s body and transferred her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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A 27-year-old woman from Long Island She was found dead in the garden of her house last weekend when she was returning to her home with a friend, and was stabbed several times allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, who was arrested on Sunday and his charges were presented on Monday.

The subject identified as Kason Parker, 33, was arrested Sunday night for being the main suspect in the murder of Meghan Kiefer, found with stab wounds in the residence located in Coram.

After the discovery, the young woman was transferred to the Hospital Stony Brook, where she was pronounced dead.

During the arraignment of Parker on Monday, officers revealed the suspect has a criminal record in addition to convictions for strangulation and second-degree assault in Albany County.

In 2007 he had served two to four years of sentence for these crimes, and later, in 2010, he was involved in an attempted assault on Brooklyn, he reviewed Telemundo 47. .

Parker, who hails from Teunis Street, Albany, was indicted in the First District Court in Central Islip.

As reported CBS2, relatives of Kiefer they cried in court after details of the young woman’s murder emerged.

Prosecutors detailed that Kiefer He returned home Saturday afternoon with his friend to retrieve his credit card. She was in a vehicle with two twin babies that belonged to her friend, who saw the details of the murder.

According to prosecutors, the witness saw how Parker He pulled his ex-girlfriend out of the car, and thought the man was hitting her, until he realized the subject had a knife in his hand, and stabbed her about 40 times.

“This is a tragic, tragic, tragic incident, and this defendant murdered this woman and then fled the scene trying to evade law enforcement.”, declared Timothy Sini, county district attorney Suffolk.

The cops tracked Parker to a city bus. Port Authority which was on the route to North Carolina, and upon being detained by the authorities gave a false name.

Kiefer worked in a bar in Holbrook, and the heartbroken employees asked for privacy because of what happened, but they made a publication in which they classified her as a loving and valuable person for their team.

County Police Officers Suffolk they found the body of Kiefer after answering a call to 911 around 4:45 pm on Saturday.

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