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Subscriptions Netflix, HBO, Filmin, Movistar, Disney, Apple TV | Streaming platforms raise their prices: this is how subscriptions are in 2023

Logo of one of the leading platforms, Netflix, at its headquarters / EFE/JOHN G. MABANGLO

All subscription offers have increased an average of €3 or 30% in the last 7 years

Streaming platforms for viewing movies and series on devices could already be considered one more member of our families. More and more people have one or more accounts that allow them to access all the exclusive content offered by each of them. However, the future does not look very rosy for series fans and moviegoers: having access to them is more expensive than ever.

The impact of inflation has not only been felt in the increase in the price of the shopping basket and in the financial wealth of Spanish households, but also in the prices of subscriptions to streaming platforms. Their prices have been changing since some of them began to land in our country, such as Netflix, back in 2015.

All subscription offers to the most popular streaming platforms have increased by an average of €3 or 30% in the last 7 years, according to a recent study carried out by the HelloSafe portal, in which they have taken as a reference data distributed by the own platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney + or Movistar +) and Kanter.

At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, a streaming platform in our country costs about 8 euros per month. At least, in its basic package, since many of them have various discounts or reductions if the rate is annual instead of monthly.

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Streaming platforms and their rates in 2023


Monthly price

Annual Price

Amazon Prime

















Movistar + Lite





Apple TV



The platform quickly took over a large part of the Spanish streaming video market, especially for offering the possibility of downloading series and movies at the same time that from a single account it allowed connecting to several devices at the same time. Since its arrival in Spain, the premium subscription (4 devices simultaneously) has suffered an increase of up to six more euros per month, which represents a 50% increase. Currently its price for the basic plan is 7.99.

After having eaten the toast of Netflix and becoming the most popular platform with a wide catalog of movies and series, Amazon Prime Video is the cheapest among those considered, with a price of 4.99 euros for a monthly fee and 49, 9 annual. However, prices in September last year rose slightly.

The price variation in the case of HBO Max has not been as prominent. In 2016 its price was around 7.99 euros and for the moment it remains at 8.99 per month. In principle, the platform will maintain the prices of last year, although there are rumors that it could make changes for 2023.

It is today the least economical in Spain to watch series and movies, with a price of 8.99 euros per month and 89.90 per year, although the United States has announced some changes that could arrive very soon, including a reduced rate that includes advertising.

His arrival in the world of digital platforms did not cause as much noise as others. Over time Apple TV + has strengthened its offer and begins to offer content of some renown despite the fact that its titles are not as popular as those of Netflix or HBO Max.

The subscription costs €6.99 per month with a seven-day free trial and €69.90 per year. Also, Apple One plans are available from €16.95 per month.

Platform focused on sports and that has also raised its prices. In February 2021 it was around 9.99 euros, while now it is in a monthly subscription starting at 12.99 euros if the essential package is contracted. The global sports entertainment company, DAZN Group, has become the largest digital sports broadcaster in Europe and the sports app with the highest turnover in 2022, as reported in its latest annual report.

With a more limited offer, it exclusively offers the Original ATRESplayer content, in addition to its premiere and exclusive content only in ATRESplayer PREMIUM. Raise your prices and from February 1, 2022 and it will have a monthly cost of €4.99. An annual offer will also be available for €49.99.

Without the popularity of other large platforms, Filmin offers a catalog of more than 10,000 films at a very affordable price of 7.99 euros per month. In addition, it also presents an annual plan for 84 euros per year, which is among the most expensive.

Another of the big names in the television entertainment platform. To the production contents are added collaborations with Netflix, Disney + or DAZN. If we simplify it to Movistar + Lite, which includes series and movies without the need to be a client of the operator, the company offers you the content for 8 euros per month, a promotion that is theoretically valid until the end of February. It remains to be seen if it will raise prices in the near future.


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