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Succeed on Halloween with the costumes of ‘The Squid Game’ and celebrate it with the cookies of the series

The costumes from the ‘Crying Game’, one of the Halloween trends.

Halloween is approaching and lovers of this holiday are already looking for the best costume. Among them are the fans of the Netflix series that is sweeping: ‘The Squid Game‘, whose costumes are already on sale at Amazon.

This popular South Korean series premiered on September 17 and is already Netflix’s most watched premiere.

Fiction makes a macabre social criticism that moves between violence, drama and mystery. A group of people in debt face a deadly game of survival whose prize it is millionaire.

The series features a very marked aesthetics. Thus, due to the peculiarity of the characters’ clothing, Amazon has decided to put these up for sale costumes so characteristic of the series the ‘Squid Game’.


Guardian costume from ‘The Squid Game’.

The series has just three different styles, and that of guardian it is one of the most sought after.

This is characterized by a red jumpsuit and mask, being able to choose between the square, the triangle and the circle.

The guards wear those geometric figures as part of their uniforms and each one represents something different.

The circle It is for the lowest rank workers, who are in charge of taking the participants to the playground, killing the losers and picking up the bodies.

The triangle It is for the soldiers, who are in charge of maintaining order. Finally, the square it is for supervisors.


Gamer costume the ‘The Squid Game’.

To become a gamer, all you need is the green uniform with a number on the chest.

Thus, it is composed of a long pants, a short-sleeved T-shirt and a sweatshirt with long sleeve zipper, perfect for this autumn season.

You can choose between the numbers of the main actors of the series:

  • 456: This is the number of Seong Gi-Hun, the protagonist of the fiction.
  • 218: Corresponds to Cho Sang-Woo, the protagonist’s childhood friend.
  • 067: These two figures are those of the only woman who reaches the final: Kang Sae-byeok.
  • 001: The first recruited is the oldest man in the game, Oh Il-Nam.


Doll costume from ‘The Squid Game’.

One of the most important background characters in the series is a giant children’s doll that eliminates contestants who lose a round of the children’s game ‘red light, green light’.

This is the first game of the six that make up the total sadistic tournament. Thus, this doll is part of the key moment in which the players discover that they are risking their lives.

In this case, the doll’s costume from ‘The Squid Game’ consists of one piece: an orange dress attached to a yellow t-shirt of long sleeve.

More expensive

Masks from ‘The Squid Game’.

This pack includes four pieces. Of three of them we have already spoken, they are: circle, triangle and square.

But this set includes one more: that of the Leader. It’s about the mysterious person of the black mask that control everything from his office.

The final touch: The recipe for Dalgonas cookies

If you want to complete your ‘The Squid Game’ costume, you will need to bake some good dalgon cookies.

And it is that the second game of the series consists of use a needle as a punch to extract these cookies of different shapes from their molds.

Shapes include a circle, star, triangle and, the most complicated of all, a umbrella.

Amazon also offers you the complete set to make the game at home.

Cookies from ‘The Squid Game’.

Although the experience is not as sweet as you might expect, in real life you can make the recipe and blow it on Halloween. These are the Steps what you should follow:

  1. Put 50 grams of sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring continuously until caramelized.

  2. Once it is completely caramelised, you must turn off the heat, add 2 grams of bicarbonate and begin to stir until it is like a foam.

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