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Success and emotion in the I Solidarity Delivery of Toys in the Casa Cofrade Soledad de Santa María de Alicante

A moment of the emotional ceremony held at the Casa Cofrade this afternoon

A moment of the emotional ceremony held at the Casa Cofrade this afternoon

This afternoon the Casa Cofrade “Soledad de Santa María” has hosted the 1st Solidarity Delivery of Toys that, under the motto “A toy, a dream … with San Nicolás”, organized by the brother brothers of the Real and Very Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady of Soledad de Santa María and the Brotherhood of San Pedro Apóstol.

The event, which was held in the premises of the new Cofrade House recently inaugurated by the bishop Jesus Murgui, has had the presence of boys and girls of different ages, accompanied by their parents, with preventive measures against the covid. Slightly more than fifty children were chosen to receive from the hands of the legendary Saint Nicholas the toys that they had been waiting with so much enthusiasm for several weeks.

The Christmas evening, which the confreres of the Basilica of Santa María have prepared for the first time, has been full of surprises. The act began with a literary-musical recreation of the life and miracles of the holy bishop of Mira, who visited Alicante land more than 1,700 years ago. Immediately afterwards, the brother brothers staged a Poetic recital allusive to the Nativity of Our Lord.

A legendary bishop

Saint Nicholas occupies a pre-eminent position among Christian saints who enjoy popular favor due to the charm of legends that clarify his existence. Among them appears the origin of one of the most beloved and moving Christmas traditions.

Saint Nicholas was born at the end of the third century in the city of Pátara, the capital of Lycia, in the extreme south of Asia Minor and, from the moment he opened his eyes to the light, he directed his soul to the knowledge of God. From the treatment in prayer came that purity of conscience and dedication to those most in need. The tradition is very old that ensures that Saint Nicholas, appointed bishop of Mira, distributed gifts to children while they slept. The death of the saint was very felt by the people of that time, hence the Christendom churches and monasteries began to be erected under his patronage. The city of Alicante chose him as patron and honored with his name one of its main temples, converted centuries later into a cathedral.

Saint Nicholas, in the background INFORMATION

Delivering toys and sweets

With the desire to recover this tradition that runs through a good part of the Christian world, the Brotherhoods of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad and San Pedro Apóstol have filled with magic and emotion this December 18. The saint, with long white beards and dressed in his traditional clothing, was received at the doors of the Casa Cofrade, in front of which were the older sisters Balbina Oncina and Carmen Iborra.

Among the public that gathered in the vicinity of Alcoy avenue, San Nicolás arrived at six o’clock in the afternoon and entered the brotherhoods where he distributed the toys to the little ones. The saint was accompanied by one of his most faithful followers, Sila, who was in charge of calling each child by name and accompanying him to the throne where Saint Nicholas was sitting.

In the evening there was no shortage of sweets and sweets that fascinate children so much. The event ended with an emotional family photo around the legendary Bishop of Bari. Shortly before nine o’clock at night, Saint Nicholas was saying goodbye on the back of his white horse, while he saw the city of Alicante in the distance. A long journey awaits you in the next few days, as you must continue to distribute a lot of happiness to all the children of the world.

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