Friday, December 8

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google: “Governments are going to have to join forces to guarantee internet security”

yesand sees him exultant. Sundar Pichai (Madurai, India; 49 years old), CEO of Google and the highest paid executive in the world, is still fresh from the mass bath that took place at the company’s developer conference in Mountain View (California), a couple of years ago. of weeks. “My favorite day of the year,” he confesses. A year marked in gold.

Artificial intelligence, applied to the entire galaxy of Google products and applications, has given the best technological harvest in its history, with dozens of improvements and novelties in the search engine and in the vast ecosystem that revolves around it —Android, Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Pay, Meet…— powered by a new algorithm that is a thousand times more powerful than the previous one and that is making translation, conversation and augmented reality systems progress at full speed. It is, he says, the most important revolution since the company, which was founded in the days of the desktop computer (1998), made the leap to the mobile phone.

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