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Sunday Night Football DraftKings Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Week 17 Washington-Eagles Showdown Tournaments

Washington vs. Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football to close out the 2020 NFL regular season might not look appealing on paper. Sure, it’s for Washington Football Team’s chance to win the NFC East, but we’re also talking about the humble NFC East. But luckily for the purposes of the NFL DFS, there is a lot of appeal in these players when putting together a DraftKings Showdown lineup.

Instead of being too cute, we decided to be Captain Jalen Hurts. He has the biggest advantage at the board by a significant margin and sometimes you just have to swallow the big salary and give it a go. Behind him, however, we have charged into Washington in the hopes that his quest for a division title will result in a solid and complete game.

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DraftKings Showdown Picks: Washington vs. Eagles

Captain (1.5x price, 1.5x points): QB Jalen Hurts, Eagles ($17,100)

Due to the relatively limited advantage of Washington’s passing game, in addition to racking up receptions, Hurts is our pick as captain. He’s the most expensive player on the list, but for good reason: he’s the only player on this list with a huge advantage thanks to the combination of his running and passing skills. He’ll be a popular captain, but if he’s going to have a great game and knock Washington out of the playoffs, we want as much of it as we can get.

FLEX: RB Antonio Gibson, Washington ($9,000)

Gibson played in Week 16 despite being beaten, and is being handled in practice ahead of Week 17 with reports indicating that he will be dressing again. He has been one of the best rookies in soccer this year and is a real threat on the field and in the passing game. That makes him relatively safe in the flow of play, which is great for our second-highest salary in a game that’s not that easy to call.

FLEX: RB JD McKissic, Washington ($8,800)

In three of the past four weeks, McKissic has seen 10 targets. He often operates more like a receiver for Washington at this point than a running back, but that’s fine for our purposes on DK’s PPR scoring. Especially if Hurts and the Eagles take the lead here, McKissic should see another big target day to extend his double-digit DK points streak to five games.

FLEX: TE Logan Thomas, Washington ($7,800)

Thomas is another Ft who has become a receiving machine in recent weeks, and accumulating them here should allow us to get some of the biggest DK point outs on offense. Thomas saw 16 goals two weeks ago and another 12 in Week 16. It is possible that the converted quarterback is finally on the mend in a big moment for Washington.

FLEX: Or Cam Sims, Washington ($4,800)

Maybe this whole Washington grouping is pursuing goals. Sims has had at least eight of them in three of his last four games. But it is also our way of stepping away from the relatively low lead of Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke and trying to capture the stealth advantage that short DK catches provide. Points will add up quickly if Washington is forced to pitch a lot on Sunday night.

FLEX: RB Boston Scott, Eagles ($1,400)

Frankly, it wasn’t the plan to fade the Eagles that much when they sat down to be part of the lineup, but that’s where prices took us. Scott is interesting both as a pass-catching running back and also because Miles Sanders is looking for a team that has nothing to play for. That may bode well for Scott to get some Week 17 production at a small price.

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