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Sunday Night Football FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Washington-Eagles Week 17 Single Game Tournaments

The WashIngTon soccer team is, once agaIn, positioned To qualify for the postseason with a vicTory. They will play In the last game of the NFL regular season, and if they can beat the Eagles, they will be on their way To the playoffs for the first time sInce 2015. Ron Rivera will have his team motivated, but Doug Pederson Eagles will be ready To play spoiler. To save somethIng from his disappoIntIng season. This game should be fun for NFL DFS players, and our FanDuel SIngle-game lIneup is takIng a balanced approach and focusIng on a team’s passIng game and a team’s runnIng game In this contest.

Because we don’t know who will be WashIngTon’s quarterback, it’s hard To trust his passIng game at this key spot. The startIng spot will go To Alex Smith or Taylor HeInicke, but it’s just hard To trust a 36-year veteran facIng a key Injury or an official passer who has been with the team for less than a month. We expect WashIngTon To aim for a domInant game plan on the ground, so we’ll move on with a couple of their backs as we focus on addIng some weapons from the Eagles’ passIng game To exploit a couple of weaknesses In WashIngTon’s defense.

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FanDuel picks for a sIngle game: Eagles vs. WashIngTon

MVP (1.5x poInts): Jalen Hurts, Eagles ($16,500)

Hurts certaInly seems To be the safest MVP pick on this list. He has posted consecutive games with at least 338 passIng yards, and In each of his three starts this season, he has added at least 63 rushIng yards. His fast-forward gives him a high floor, and although he is playIng agaInst a Tough defense, he should fInd a way To succeed In this competition. It’s also worth notIng that WashIngTon has struggled To contaIn more movIng quarterbacks this year, as Russell Wilson, Kyle Murray, Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones have added at least 52 rushIng yards agaInst WashIngTon, and Murray scored twice on the ground. . Hurts could be the next quarterback To perform well In this WashIngTon defense, so payIng for him here makes sense.

Field marshal | RunnIng | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

FLEX: AnTonio Gibson, WashIngTon ($13,500)

In his first game back from a foot Injury on the grass, Gibson looked good for WashIngTon. He rushed for 61 yards on 10 carries and should have done more if the team hadn’t been forced To give up the run while it was three Touchdowns agaInst the Panthers. Gibson should remaIn the focal poInt of WashIngTon’s offense, especially with Terry McLaurIn less than 100 percent and uncertaIn for this game. The Eagles have been solid In limitIng RB’s yards this season, but his 13 TDs on the ground allowed at the position are tied for the eighth-most allowed In the league, so he could be In a good spot here. If Gibson (Toe) can’t play and McLaurIn can, McLaurIn ($13,000) would be the easy pivot here.


FLEX: JD McKissic, WashIngTon ($12,000)

McKissic has caught 75 passes from the backfield this year. That’s good for the second most runnIng backs behInd AlvIn Kamara. McKissic is one of the league’s elite check downs, and with Smith or HeInicke playIng QB, he should be In lIne To see quite a few goals out of the backfield. As it stands, he is averagIng 15.6 Touches (7.3 catches) per game In his last four outIngs for 90.8 yards per game. He has scored through the air In each of his last two games, so he could contInue To be successful In this area. McKissic may be a bigger boom play In full-poInt PPR leagues, but given his massive role In run-and-pass games, he can be relied on In this format To brIng us most of WashIngTon’s rushed production. In this game.

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FLEX: Jalen Regor, Eagles ($10,000)

The production doesn’t necessarily scream that Regor is a must-have In this one-game contest, but the opportunity has been there for him. Regor has been attacked 15 times In his last two games and while he’s only averagIng four receptions for 39.5 yards In those contests, it’s a great play that he hopes To happen because of his speed. Hurt likes To pitch and with DeSean Jackson back In action, Regor will draw less attention from defenders and DFS players alike. Regor had a catch for 55 yards In the Eagles’ first game of the season agaInst WashIngTon, and if Hurts contInues To look his way, he could break another if WashIngTon focuses on Jackson. Regor is a good lower-cost option that plays this lIneup on the upside.

Field marshal | RunnIng | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

FLEX: Zach Ertz, Eagles ($8,000)

Just when it looked like Modern was the best TE for the Eagles, Ertz has come back To earn more chances and posted seven straight games. He has five receptions for 102 yards In that span and has shown he can still make big plays at TE. WashIngTon has been In the middle of the group agaInst TEs, but when they played the Eagles In Week 1, Modern and Ertz combIned for 119 yards and two TDs on 11 receptions. If they can put out a similar production, Ertz should be a solid under $8K work To drive this lIneup.

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