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Sunday Night Football FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Week 1 Bears-Rams Single Game Tournaments

The first Sunday Night Football matchup of the season features two offensive-minded young coaches revealing new quarterbacks. Unfortunately, that sounds more exciting on paper, especially in regards to the Bears, who remain committed to getting Andy Dalton out. Las Vegas sportsbooks opened the Rams as favorites by 6.5 points with the over / under set at 43.5, painting the picture of a Rams win in a low-scoring game. That’s suboptimal for NFL DFS single-game contests, but one way or another there will be a FanDuel single-game winning lineup on Sunday night, so we’re here to help you with your lineup picks.

I approach this game like it’s a 24-17 or 23-16 kind of matchup that leaves us wanting to score a little more. Keep this in mind when considering the pivots for the following alignment. Touchdowns are always important at DFS, but it could be all about TD on Sunday.

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A quick reminder of the FanDuel scoring system for single game contests: Total points for “MVP” are multiplied by 1.5, but it does not cost additional money like “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. The default FanDuel score is Semi point PPR and Four-point pass TD , and here they are no bonuses for 300 yard / 100 yard games like in DraftKings.

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FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Bears vs. Rams

$ 60,000 budget, needs at least one player from each team

MVP (1.5x points): QB Matthew Stafford, Rams ($ 16,000)

We may not see “Super Bowl Stafford” in this one if the Bears’ new defense sinks in its teeth, but the Rams are comfortable favorites according to Vegas. Also, there are too many weapons at Stafford’s disposal to go elsewhere for our MVP.

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FLEX: RB David Montgomery, Bears ($ 13,000)

We’re not necessarily confident Montgomery will immediately pick up where he left off (he scored more than 20 FanDuel points in five of his last six in 2020), but he will be involved on the ground and in the air. Historically, Matt Nagy leans on a tinkerbell back, Montgomery’s role on this team. Damien Williams might be more involved than Montgomery owners like, but Montgomery still has many advantages.

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FLEX: Allen Robinson, Bears ($ 13,500)

Robinson faces a tough showdown that will scare off a significant portion of the roster. Sometimes you bet on talent and role. As the Bears’ best receiver, Robinson is a solid bet to lead his team on goals, and good players often turn opportunity into production, even against stiff competition. If he can’t spend on Robinson against Jalen Ramsey, he can trade Robert Woods ($ 12,000) and block what will likely be the Rams’ two busiest receivers on the night.

FLEX: Cooper Kupp, Rams ($ 11,000)

We’re looking for the Rams’ WR1 here, and while that title will be shared from game to game, we’ll be betting on Kupp on this one. After all, Kupp has a 10-touchdown season on his résumé and was always more of a big-play scoring threat than Woods until last season.

FLEX: DeSean Jackson ($ 7,000)

Jackson can still sneak out, and there’s no better time to bet on the frail vet than in Week 1, when he’s shooting full blast. We expect a long score, a skill that remains in Jackson’s arsenal. If betting on a deep shot to Jackson isn’t your thing, the “safest” options lie at tight end. Tyler Higbee ($ 9,500) has the highest tight end role to himself and could be used in large part with the attention the Rams’ catching duo commands. You’re still pretty reliant on the touchdown if you turn to Chicago’s Cole Kmet ($ 7,500) or Jimmy Graham ($ 6,500), and TD chances could be few and far between for the Bears on Sunday night.

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