Sunday, December 5

Sundays were born 1,700 years ago (as we know them)

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Statue of the head of Constantine the Great

It was Emperor Constantine the Great who took the first official step to make Sundays what they are.

1,700 ago, Sundays began to be what they are today in most countries of the world: a day of rest.

That is one of those data that, if you allow yourself to be carried away by curiosity, leads you to find out many other interesting questions.

Let’s start being exact: it all started on March 7, 321, that is, a millennium, seven centuries and a week ago.

A week that by then consisted of seven days. ¿Why precisely seven, not six, eight or even 10, like those of the ancient Egyptians or those of the French republican calendar that was used between 1792 and 1806?

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