Tuesday, December 7

Sunisa Lee inherits the crown from her compatriot Simone Biles

  • Simone applauds from the stands her successor and partner, just 18 years old

She was called to be the star of Tokyo, but no one doubts that she is still the great protagonist of these Games. Resignation of Simone biles to team and individual competitions, while fighting the demons in his head, he has contributed to mental health coming out of the closet. A brave gesture that will be remembered for decades and that will help many, athletes and not, dare to break the taboo. Waiting to see if he can finally be in the finals by apparatus, this Thursday his compatriot Sunisa Lee, 18, has inherited her crown as best Olympic gymnast.

In absence of Bile the pools marked Lee, the Brazilian as favorites Rebeca Andrade already the russian Angelina Melnikova, who had been behind Simone in the previous round. Andrade, 11th in the Rio de Janeiro Judges, has commanded the entire contest in the first two apparatuses, making the end dream of the hegemony of the United States and Eastern Europe. But in the high bar the judges have taken more than two points in execution.

Tight duel

The ground was going to decide a very tight duel, with the three favorites and the Russian Urazova, only 16 years old, fighting in only half a point. The two Russians have left first but Sunisa lee He has advanced them, taking revenge on the team final. The only thing left was Andrade, who was under pressure and lost the title with two starts on the track, on the first and last diagonal. For just 0.135 he was left without the crown. Finally she has had to settle for silver, becoming the first Brazilian gymnast to climb the Olympic podium. Melnikova repeats the bronze that he won in the last World Cup.

Simone Biles applauded her successor and partner from the stands, who has been crowned at her first Olympic Games.

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