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Super Bowl 2021 Props Betting: Odds for CBS Broadcast, From Queen Latifiah Mentions to Andy Reid Mask

Everything is magnified during the Super Bowl, including the broadcast, which was watched by more than 100 million people last year, almost 60 million viewers more than any other television show in 2020. With so many eyes the Super is expected to tune in. Bowl 55 between the Chiefs and Buccaneers on Sunday, it’s only natural that the sportsbooks have opened up their menu of betting options to include some bets on Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and the rest of the CBS team.

Some of these will certainly be controversial, as you will read below; others are pretty straightforward, as if Patrick Mahomes will be referred to as “baby GOAT” (seriously). Either way, if you bet on streaming, you have a reason to tune in (and pay attention) to the last play, which is better than getting drunk and missing the entire fourth quarter, right? Actually, don’t answer that.

We’ll break down some of our favorite streaming accessories that can be found in various sports books, but there are plenty of others if you look hard enough, like how many times will “kindergarten” be said, how many times will Joe Biden tweet during the game, and how many times will it be shown? Gisele Bundchen on camera.

One note: make sure you are clear about what your book officially counts as “transmission.” Is it from when Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are introduced to right after the game ends? It’s certainly not the pre-game show, and the post-game show would appear to be its own thing as well (otherwise Roger Goodell’s bet below would be easy OVER).

To be safe, expect it to be from the end of the pregame show (that is, when they run the Super Bowl intro and start Nantz / Romo) to right after the first on-field interview. Nantz is likely to say something like “Stay tuned for the post-game show.” At that time, you cannot count anything that happens for your bet.

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Super Bowl 2021 Prop Betting: Streaming

Will Tony Romo correctly predict an offensive play?

Romo is famous for this, but the real question here is what exactly counts as “correctly predicting an offensive play.” If Romo just says a pass or a run is coming, does that count? Or does it have to go deeper, like saying that Chris Godwin is going to catch a pass in the slot or that “spider 2 AND banana” is about to be executed? Either way, there’s a decent chance that Romo predicts something correctly, but it’s also likely CBS told him “no spoilers” for the Super Bowl. The initial money has been overwhelmingly on “yes” for this accessory, so this is an opportunity to zag and get more money on “no”. Again, if you can, try to clarify what exactly counts as a “correct prediction” here, as that could make a difference.

What would Tony Romo say first?

  • Read +100
  • Authentication +200
  • Blitz +225
  • A-Gap +300
  • Cheat Game +750

This is really a top three draw (not that “A-gap” or “cheat game” can’t be referred to, but it seems less likely), so you might as well take the best potential payout with “blitz aerial.” Obviously, anyone could be referenced on the first play of the game (with tricks potentially referenced on the kickoff if a team does something quirky), but blitz is probably the most common term in football.

How many times will Tony Romo mention his children / children?

  • Over 0.5 +200
  • Less than 0.5 -300

Now that they mention it, it seems like he does this once per game, right? The initial money has been in the “OVER”, but it is still getting value, so it is not a bad bet.

What will be mentioned first?

  • Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl -140
  • Tom Brady 43 + 100 years

These two things seem to go hand in hand, as in “Tom Brady is playing in his 10th Super Bowl at age 43” or “At 43, Tom Brady is playing in his 10th Super Bowl.” It could really go either way. There is also a chance that one of these will be said when compared to Patrick Mahomes (which is also when it will be said “kindergarten” since Mahomes was in kindergarten when Brady played in his first Super Bowl), but, Again, they could just as easily first compare their ages or their Super Bowl appearances. There is more value in age, and in these coin toss bets, that should be the deciding factor.

What will be mentioned first?

  • Patrick Mahomes is expecting a child -150
  • Patrick Mahomes is engaged / getting married +110

This is similar to the previous one. It seems like they will be mentioned one after another, but what comes first? Early money has been heavy on getting engaged / marrying (a bit redundant, huh?), But that might just be because the expectation of a child opened up as a huge favorite (-250).

Will “Baby GOAT” be said in reference to Patrick Mahomes?

Hopefully not. However, there is no value in betting “no” and everything “Baby goat“The meme has become so important that Rob Gronkowski asked about it in an interview, so it’s certainly possible that hipster Jim Nantz brought it up.

Will “LeBron” be said during the broadcast?

LeBron likes to tweet during big sporting events, so this is another situation where it wouldn’t be a shock if they referenced something he tweeted live, but otherwise there’s really no reason to mention it. You can argue that they will put up a graph comparing Brady and LeBron or even Mahomes and LeBron (along with “GOATS” / immediate stars from other sports), and that alone might be reason enough to take the value with “yes.” here. Otherwise this feels like a stay, as the “no” doesn’t have much value.

What will be said first?

Unless a player suffers a groin injury early in the game, the “hamstring” is played here. Bucs stallion LB Lavonte David missed practice all of last week due to a hamstring injury, and is likely to arise at some point. Chiefs OL Mike Remmers was technically in Kansas City’s first injury report due to a groin injury, but he didn’t miss a practice, nor is he as big a name as David, so he’s less likely to be. Mention your “injury”.

How many times will “Belichick” be said?

The starting money has been hitting the “OVER” here, probably because there will likely be a montage of Brady’s past Super Bowls, which will include a photo of him and Bill Belichick. This could be a push, but since you can’t bet on it, “OVER” is probably the best bet, even if the odds are getting worse.

How many times will Jim Nantz say “Queen Latifah”?

You know they’re going to be promoting a lot of “The Equalizer,” which opens after the game, so someone is saying the name of the star Queen Latifah more than once. The question is if it will be Nantz and if it will be during the game broadcast and not during the post game show. More than once it seems excessive for Nantz to say so, but at least once it also seems likely. This is a tough question, but it will be more fun to root for multiple “Latifah”, let’s face it.

How many times will Roger Goodell be shown?

  • Over 1.5 -200
  • Less than 1.5 +150

Do they need to show it to you more than once (or at all)? There’s always the question of whether it counts as more than once if they show Goodell, cut themselves very quickly, and then cut themselves off. If that counts as twice it could easily happen, but either way it seems unlikely that they will bring it up more than once during the broadcast, so the value on the LOW is solid.

Will the transmission equipment refer to the differential or the total?

This streaming group doesn’t mention the spread as often as the NBC Sunday Night Football team, but Jim Nantz and Tony Romo can get a little frisky at times. That being said, announcers generally only display bet numbers when the game is not particularly close or the margin is relatively high. The spread for this game is Chiefs -3, so it seems unlikely that there is a situation where the spread is mentioned, unless something like the Chiefs score late to go up one point and then go for two to go up by one. countryside. target. But then again, it’s going to be a great play overall, not one of those throwaway plays where Jim Nantz jokingly says, “There are some people who Really You care about this play, Tony. “The total (56) is more likely to be questioned in a blowout, but the announcers rarely mention the total, so there’s a reason” no “is a big favorite. No. It’s fun to bet that if you want to live dangerously though, go for big bucks.

Andy Reid mask design

  • Brand / Logo Heads -2000
  • One color / no logo +350
  • +7000 Hawaiian-themed

It seems inevitable that Reid will wear a Chiefs logo mask, but let’s take a second to imagine him wearing a Hawaiian-themed mask at the Super Bowl. Maybe if we all believe enough. we can wish it exists. Putting $ 5 on it to get a +7000 reward is worth the laugh, although it’s fair to wonder what happens if she’s wearing a Hawaiian-themed dress, Brand managers mask. Double payment!

Coach to show nostrils first during play

  • Andy Reid +150
  • Bruce Arians -200

Based on these odds, Arians must remove / lower his mask more often than Reid, but if Reid wears a new Hawaiian-themed mask, maybe it slides off because he’s not used to it? Parlay it!

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