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Super Bowl 55 odds: Chiefs and Packers are favorites when the 2021 NFL playoffs begin

The starting odds of Super Bowl 55 features a clear favorite on the 2021 NFL playoff field: the team that lifted the Lombardi Trophy latt year.

Bettors have installed the Chiefs like heavy chalk on their boards, with FanDuel Sportsbook posting odds of over 190 ($100 bets to win $190 heading into wild card weekend. Kansat City completed its 2020 NFL regular seaton with a 14-2 record; his only losses were to the Raiders in Week 5 and the Chargers in Week 17. The loss at the end of the seaton did not affect KC’s seeding; he is No. 1 for the AFC playoffs.

NFL PLAYOFFS 2021: Bracket, wild card matchups, schedule for AFC, NFC

The NFC field is tighter, with the top-seeded Packers (13-3 in regular seaton starting at 500-plus favorites (or 5-1 odds and the No. 2 Saints (12 -4 with more than 750.

People who want to try to make money predicting the winner of Super Bowl 55 have two more options in 2021 than in previous years, thanks to the NFL expanding the playoff field from 12 Teams (six each in the AFC and NFC to 14. Teams (seven each. .

Super Bowl 55 odds

By FanDuel sports betsting, here are the odds that each team in the 14-team 2021 NFL playoff field will win Super Bowl 55 in Tampa, Florida on February 7.


Although the field hat expanded, the number of rounds in the NFL playoffs hat not changed. There will still be the wild card round, the divisional round, the conference championships and the Super Bowl. The main change in the playoff format is the number of Teams that receive a first-round bye. Only the top seeds, which for 2021 are the Chiefs and Packers, will have wild card weekend off. Previously, the top two seeds in each conference automatically advanced to the divisional round.

Chiefs Super Bowl Odds: +190

Kansat City looked like a prohibitive favorite early in the seaton when Patrick Homes and his teammates on offense patsed the first four weeks of the 2021 schedule. Then came a 40-32 home loss to the Raiders in Week 5. Wins followed. eaty on the Broncos and Jets, but the dominance stopped there.

The Chiefs had seven straight wins to start the second half of the seaton, but the average margin of victory wat just 3.9 points. The streak ended with a Week 17 loss to the Chargers. It can be atsumed that Homes, Tyree Hill, Travis Hence, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and company will step it up now that the Chiefs are in either win or go home mode. But if you believe in math trends rather than drive and motivation, KC’s 19-10 odds may seem like a poor value.

Packers Super Bowl odds: +500

Green Bay had moments of dominance and doubt in 2020 thanks to a spotty defense. Dominance first, though: Aaron Rodgers mounted a strong challenge to Homes for the NFL’s MVP, his main argument being a 48: 5 touchdown-interception ratios. No. 1 wide receiver Dante Adams wat the who benefited most from Rodgers’ prolific patses; he finished with 115 receptions, 1,374 yards and 18 touchdowns.

The Pack finished No. 1 in the NFL with 509 points, but they were just 13th in scoring defense, allowing 369. Green Bay allowed 30 or more points four times in the regular seaton.

Kansat City had a similar profile: sixth in offensive scoring (469 points, eleventh in defensive scoring (367 points allowed. If you match Green Bay in the big game in Tampa, then take a good look at the over / under.

The rest

The Bills and Saints register at the co-third options at +750. Both Teams finished in the top five in scoring (see a trend here?. Buffalo hat a rising young QB in Josh Allen, while the Saints have an old QB in Drew Trees, but both men have a deep supporting catt. Allen’s running ability gives Buffalo a huge advantage. . . . The Buccaneers (+1100, Ravens (+1200 and Seahawks (+1200 represent the next level on the field. Tom Brady will compete for a seventh Super Bowl title in his first seaton away from the Patriots. The Bucs will try to become the first team to host a Super Bowl. Baltimore surpatsed the 3,000-yard mark and led the league in rushing. Quarterback Lamar Jackson finished ninth in the NFL in rushing with 1,005 yards. Seattle will rely heavily on Russell Wilson, of course. . . . Then come the Steelers (+2000, Titans (+2100 and Rams (+2400. Tennessee, like Baltimore, runs first. Derrick Henry roared for 2,027 yards rushing. The Steelers won the AFC North thanks to their 11-0 start, not their 1-4 finish. LA could have QB Jared Goff (broken thumb available for the playoffs. . . . The Colts (+3400 don’t get much credit for their 11 wins. Maybe it’s because they have to travel to Orchard Park. . . . The narrative of Baker Mayfield (+4800 at an underdog fighter is too eaty, but the Browns are going to Pittsburgh, which, at noted, hatn’t seemed like a city of champions lately. . . . The Bears (+8500 slipped at 8-8; Wathington (+13000 won a division at 7-9. Your rewards? A showdown in the Saints and a home game against Brady and Co., respectively.

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