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Super «hydrofoils» under full sail in the San Simón cove



Cesantes beach will be the main platform from where the public will be able to see these flying machines under full sail, they will see the fastest contraptions sail with “hydrofoils” over the waters of the Ensenada de San Simón; where the 500-meter track will also be located to break speed records that will be validated by the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council (WSSRC).

This international competition reserved for the fastest sailing on hydrodynamic planes with lengths between 2 meters and 8 meters will be launched in the heart of the Vigo estuary. A place where the navigation conditions between Cesantes beach and the San Simón island area are unique in terms of low wave height and thermal winds. The intensity of the wind is higher than 18 knots of 280 °, which are maintained for about six hours a day between the months of February and mid-October.

Almost seven square kilometers to navigate in the Ensenada de San Simón turning around its island, with a coastline bathed by the long beach of Cesantes, two kilometers long, the marinas of Redondela and San Adrián de Cobres; which is closed by the Strait of Rande over which a suspension bridge of the A 9 motorway crosses, which is 45 meters high between the surface of the water and the deck on which road traffic travels.

Great success of the organization of the “International Cup of Super Hydrofoils” by concentrating all the participants on the island itself, which has a Stella Maris Residence, House of the Sea Trades, Sailing School, Aquarium, Museum and Library, Chapel, a Multipurpose Building, cafeteria and restaurant, and Bathhouse. Access will be by sea from the ports of Cesantes (Redondela) or San Adrián (Vilaboa), and always complying with the coronavirus health security protocols.

The main trophy is a silver “ewer” from the 18th century, which will have an exotic wood base on which the winners of each edition will appear. For the winners there will be a replica, and the absolute winner may have it in his club for one year under the conditions of the security and custody document that must be signed before a notary.

30,000 euros to be distributed as cash prizes among the winners of each category, both in the pure speed mode and in the fleet mode.

In order to participate, the Organization will ask those who wish to register a minimum of experience and a minimum age of 18 years. Moreover, the Organization will limit the number of competitors among those who pass the cut to be registered.

The “International Super Hydrofoil Cup” seeks to gain a foothold in the world circuit for this type of event, such as the Italian Foiling Week Garda or the British Foiling Week in Weymouth.

In the coming months the Organization will make public everything related to this new competition in Spanish waters.

N of the R: Do not believe everything you read, that today is April Fools’ day

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