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Super Soco CUmini, the ‘low cost’ electric scooter is now available in Spain

Super Soco CUmini, the 'low cost' electric scooter is now available in Spain

Super Soco CUmini, the ‘low cost’ electric scooter is now available in Spain

The Asian brand Super Punch, specialized in the manufacture of scooters and electric motorcycles, has just launched in the Spanish market the new CUmini, a very agile urban cycle scooter, of low weight (57.5 kilograms), with 12-inch wheels, removable battery, alarm and LED lighting technology for a very attractive price: 1.695 euros.

The Super Soco firm, in which the renowned brand also participates Xiaomi, once again attracts the attention of motorcyclists thanks to its new electric scooter CUmini, approved as a moped for its maximum speed of 45 km / h. Its contained price makes it an inexpensive alternative to the well-known CUx, which was already affordable with a price of 2,595 euros. However, the new CUmini it is cheaper than any 50cc thermal scooter, becoming the best “low cost” personal mobility solution in urban daily trips from the age of 15 with an AM license or any other driving license, including a car, without having to wait three years.

Aesthetically, the new CUmini retains the style of the CUx, with a narrow and elongated headlight on the front shield that integrates a high intensity LED module. Due to the narrowness of the model, the LED indicators are located outside the body, attached to it by elastic rubber mounts. At the rear, the pilot is also narrow and elongated with an array of LEDs inside for the position and brake lights.

The seat provides a comfortable posture while driving and thanks to its low height, both feet can rest firmly on the ground on a flat platform. On the other hand, the instrument panel is based on a LCD display with large digits for easy reading, including speedometer, battery charge level and trip meter and total odometer. In addition, the LCD screen has five indicator lights on the sides, while on the left of the bag holder hook, the CUmini includes a USB power socket that allows the use of the mobile as a GPS navigator.


The new CUmini has a control that allows connect and disconnect the vehicle remotely without using a key. In fact, the only key that is delivered with the vehicle is used to open the seat and access the lithium battery.

In the mechanical section, the new CUmini equips a 48V 20Ah battery It weighs 7.5 kilograms and has a handle on the top for easy transport. The battery is recharged in a conventional socket through the charger that is supplied with the vehicle, and can reach 100% of its capacity in seven hours of charge. With the battery at a flat charge, the new CUmini has up to 29 kilometers of autonomy, with a consumption of only 2.8 kWh per 100 kilometers. The battery powers a 600W power motor housed in the inner hub of the rear wheel.

It should be noted that the vehicle battery has a BMS 4.0 management that protects it from overcharges and overdischarges and also includes a 30-month warranty with no charge cycle limits. Another element that draws a lot of attention from the new CUmini is its alarm, capable of immobilizing the vehicle by braking the rear wheel in the event of an attempted theft and of emitting sounds to deter potential thieves.

The new Super Soco CUmini, the ideal urban vehicle for moving around big cities at rush hour, is now available at red or gray color in the entire network of Super Soco points of sale in Spain by 1.695 euros.


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