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Supermarkets where to stop if you need to buy and refuel

The Dicost brand expands and lands in the gas station sector

The Dicost brand expands and lands in the gas station sector

Friday afternoon. You come home from work and you have to do the shopping. Suddenly, the car indicator tells you that the fuel tank is in reserve. In a few minutes, on the way glimpses a gas station and it catches your attention a word: Dicost.

Now that we value quality time more than ever, shopping while you have the option to refuel is a luxury. That is why more and more, supermarkets attached to gas stations are essential. His long hours, Variety of products, competitive prices or the proximity of its employees, are some of the characteristic elements of these stores that are in a context of broad growth. So much so that, due to the opportunities offered by this market niche, the Dicost brand expands to encompass the gas station sector.

Opportunity and strategy

This strategic move will allow the company reinforce its positioning in service stations, increasing its commercial offer of proximity through the trend implemented by food distributors to open points of sale next to gas stations, whether urban or road.

In 2020, 170 supermarkets were opened next to service stations

With its commitment to the field of gas stations, Dicost opens eight stores located in different service stations in the Valencian Community. What are added to its offer of supermarkets of convenience, which include its wide section of bakery, packaged delicatessen and beverages.

According to Retail Data, this commercial formula at service stations has been increasing in recent years, and it has not been diminished in a pandemic period. So much so that, during the past 2020, despite restrictions and reduced mobility in Spain, traditional mass consumption operators 170 supermarkets opened next to service stations. This figure is lower than the 316 openings produced in 2019, than the 208 openings in 2018, but data superior to the 120 stores launched in 2017.

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Experience and proven track record

In addition to the external circumstances surrounding the sector, Musgrave Spain’s extensive experience and experience in business expansion and franchise implementation is added. A business model that is based above all on the professionalism of its managers and in the confidence that thanks to the proximity they manage to have with the clients.

Dicost adds eight stores located in different service stations in the Valencian Community, to its offer of supermarkets

Musgrave Spain, founded in 1912, is one of the leading companies in the Levante area in the distribution and sale of food, beverages and drugstore products. It’s found among the 40 largest commercial distribution companies in Spain. This activity is carried out through the retail establishments of the Dialprix, Dicost, and Cash & Carry Dialsur brands.

Musgrave Spain is part of the Irish Musgrave Group, leader in distribution in its country of origin and benchmark in food distribution in Europe. Musgrave currently has 110 Dialprix supermarkets and 19 Cash & Carry Dialsur stores.

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