Friday, December 3

Surprisingly eventful MLB news with signings and award races

Quick scheduling note: We will take the next Friday off due to the holiday weekend, barring important news. We’ll be back in your inboxes in two weeks, with a lot to discuss after the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement.

Before getting into today’s newsletter, I’d like to thank Emma Baccellieri for writing last week’s issue while on vacation. I returned to work on Monday morning, and immediately Eduardo Rodríguez signed with the Tigres. I take full credit for this. You’re welcome.

E-Rod’s signing kicked off a surprisingly hectic week of deals in mid-November, one that was all the more unexpected given the seemingly inevitable lockdown that would come when the current collective bargaining agreement expires in less than two weeks. On Tuesday, José Berríos agreed to a seven-year, $ 131 million extension with the Blue Jays. Not long after, Noah Syndergaard signed a one-year deal with the Angels for $ 21 million, despite pitching just two innings in the past two seasons after undergoing Tommy John surgery in March 2020. Justin Verlander, Also coming back from Tommy John, he did even better the next day, when he re-signed with the Astros for two years, $ 50 million, with an exclusion option after the first season.

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