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Susana Díaz will be tried for charging a “false” hate crime to Spiriman




The general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana diaz, will be tried in a civil proceeding for accusing the doctor Jesús Candel, better known as Spiriman, a hate crime for which you have never been charged or prosecuted. The Court of First Instance number 17 of Granada has already set the date and time for the trial against the former president of the Junta de Andalucía. The view will unfold on September 28 at 10:00 a.m., as agreed by the court in the previous hearing held last Tuesday, as ABC has been able to confirm through judicial sources. Susana Díaz will be tried for illegitimate interference in Spiriman’s right to honor, following the civil lawsuit filed against her by the promoter of the protests against the merger of hospitals in Granada.

The head of the Justice for Health Association denounced that the general secretary of the Andalusian Socialists violated his right to honor and claimed compensation of 6,823 euros for damages by attributing “one of the worst crimes that human beings can commit”, “knowing the inaccuracy of his statements” in the media, in which he claimed that Spiriman had incited hatred.

In the previous hearing, the judge has admitted that Susana Díaz be questioned, as requested by Spiriman’s lawyer, Maria del Carmen Castilla Gomez. In addition, the magistrate has accepted that the former vice president of the Board and Díaz’s right hand man testify as witnesses, Manuel Jimenez Barrios, and the former Deputy Minister of Health Martin white, who resigned after citizen protests driven by white tides against the management of the Government of Susana Díaz in health matters. Both witnesses had been proposed by the lawyer of the socialist leader, who is now immersed in the campaign of the primaries of her party to repeat as a candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía.

On five occasions he accused him

In its lawsuit filed on November 24, the legal representation of Jesús Candel states that the socialist leader «up to five times accuses him of incitement to hatred»In statements made to the press on June 26, 2019, after he testified by videoconference as a witness in a trial against the Granada-born doctor for alleged insults and slanders towards her and the former Vice-Minister of Health Martín Blanco.

In the information proceedings that were followed before the Granada Provincial Prosecutor’s Office against the doctor, the hate crime complaint was filed. The Mrs. Díaz Pacheco had full knowledge that Mr. Candel He was charged with only two crimes of libel and slander with publicity, he was not tried for the commission of a hate crime. Fact that was known to Mrs. Susana Díaz because she was a person in the procedure through the lawyers of the Junta de Andalucía and had access to all the documentation of the procedure, ”the lawsuit warns. “As a graduate in Law, a bonus must be demanded more than the rest of the population,” he adds.

“As a graduate in Law, Susana Díaz should be required a plus more than the rest of the population,” warned the lawsuit

For the lawyer of the Granada doctor, Díaz tried to «confuse citizens through the media, making them believe that Mr. Candel was being tried that day for a hate crime, one of the worst crimes that human beings can commit». “He does so – he continues in his writing – with the clear purpose of damaging Mr. Candel’s honor before the media, for the knowledge of the citizens, with the aim of creating the prior idea that Jesús Candel is going to be sentenced. for hate crime, since these statements are made at a press conference outside the court where he had testified by video conference.

The Criminal Court number 6 of Granada sentenced the promoter of the mobilizations against the health merger of Granada to pay a fine of 6,480 euros and to compensate the former Andalusian president with 2,500 euros. Said sentence is not final, because it has been appealed and is still pending resolution.

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