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Susana Díaz will chair the Senate Industry committee

Socialist Senator Susana Díaz.

Socialist Senator Susana Díaz.

The former secretary general of the PSOE-A Susana diaz has ceased to hold the presidency of the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament and will be proposed by the Socialist Group in the Senate to preside over the Commission of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Upper Chamber, replacing the also Andalusian senator María Luisa Bustinduy.

Sources of the Socialist Group in the Senate have confirmed this Thursday to Europa Press that the Andalusian senator María Luisa Bustinduy -elected by autonomous designation, as Susana Díaz- has been removed on Wednesday, September 15, in the Industry commission , whose presidency, which corresponds to the PSOE, she held.

At the same time, Susana Díaz, who took possession of her seat as senator by regional appointment in the Plenary of the Upper Chamber this past Tuesday, September 14, has become part of said Industry, Tourism and Commerce commission as a member, as well as than in the Constitutional, Public Function and Supplicatory commissions.

Nevertheless, The Socialist Group is going to propose the former secretary general of the PSOE-A as president of the Industry commission in the next session that it holds, for now without a date, as explained by the same sources.

Bustinduy, Vice President of Justice

Similarly, they have clarified that María Luisa Bustinduy, after leaving the Industry committee, has joined the Justice committee, whose first vice presidency has been vacant since the resignation of the seat in the Senate of the also Andalusian socialist Fernando López Gil, whose departure from the upper house has led to the election of Susana Díaz as senator by appointment of the Andalusian Parliament.

The intention of the Socialist Group in the Senate is to propose Bustinduy as first vice president of the Justice commission, thus covering the vacancy of López Gil, in a next session of said organ of the Upper House still pending convocation, as confirmed by the same sources socialists.

Presidency in the Andalusian Parliament

Secondly, Susana Díaz has ceased to hold the presidency of the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament, as reported by said group at the end of July that it would happen once the former president of the Board took possession of her seat in the Senate, for which she was elected by the Andalusian Chamber on July 21.

The secretary general of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, explained this summer in an interview with Europa Press that the presidency of the Socialist Group would remain vacant after the departure of Susana Díaz, and justified that, de facto, “who exercises” said responsibility is himself, “as a candidate for the next regional elections and secretary general” of the PSOE-A, but from outside the regional Chamber as he is not a deputy.

Apart from the presidency, Espadas recalled that the Socialist Group in Parliament has “a political leadership structure” made up of the spokesperson, Ángeles Férriz; the deputy spokespersons –María Márquez, Gerardo Sánchez and Araceli Maese–, and the general secretary, Soledad Pérez.

Susana Díaz left the General Secretariat of the PSOE-A last July after the victory, in June, of the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, in the primaries held by the Andalusian socialist federation to elect its candidate in the next regional elections.

That triumph of Espadas over the candidacy that she herself led in said primaries precipitated the change in the leadership of the PSOE-A, which will hold its Regional Congress in Torremolinos (Malaga) on 6 and 7 November, where it will complete the transition process in his leadership that has already included the proclamation, on July 23, of the mayor of Seville as the new general secretary.

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