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Susana Guerrero brings her contemporary art to churches

The artist with the curator, before part of the installation. On the right, a two-piece detail. | INFORMATION

«It seems that history is made for me», As she finalizes the assembly of this particular exhibition, she assures that it is part of an ambitious project that under the generic title Iberoamericana, makes Toro the headquarters of the largest exhibition of contemporary art made by women.

Susana Guerrero brings her contemporary art to churches

This initiative, curated by Victor del Campo, begins its journey next Friday and gathers in five temples in the town, in which liturgy is not celebrated, the work of about thirty Mexican creators, since Mexico is the guest country in this first edition, plus a dozen Spanish, among those that are Mar Solís, Marina Nuñez and Guerrero herself. “There are very good people, with very diverse works and it is an honor to participate in this project with artists I admire.”

Susana Guerrero brings her contemporary art to churches

The creator from Elche found enough motivation in the history of Santa Catalina and all the legend that surrounds it, so that she began to create new pieces. The thorns, the abused woman’s body, motherhood, the organs, the imaginary that sustains her series La Desollada, La Madre. Anatomy of the myth or Mother, consumed (devoured mother), which led last April to New York, they married perfectly with the story of the saint. “I started to make the pieces shortly before coming … Santa Catalina is invoked when all is lost, it is like taking faith to the limit and I like that very much.”

In this temple, he has placed the main installation of his proposal next to the altar. In it appears a thorax with brass sheets sewn with agave stalks, “That have thorns”, and a bata de cola made with braided cable. «In front of me I have placed the word faith, also made with brass and agave, myrrh as a tissue regenerating essence, a breast for the milk that came out of her body when she was beheaded, a flame as the breath of life, a gilt ceramic stomach and the cross, which is the sword at the same time.

In addition, he has made ten drawings in watercolor and pencil “Of the braided anatomies, also with the word faith on top”, in addition to some braided ceramic pieces, the head of a medusa and a necklace of heads.

He has also placed on top of the altar some white ceramic pieces that emulate organs of the body joined by a cord and two urns on the sides, one with his leather gloves and barnacles, and the other with his eyes.

Another outstanding part of his project can be seen in the church of San Agustín, with the addition that the opening day of Iberoamericana will close with the representation of Rito, the show created together with Asun Noales, director of the Elche company OtraDanza, that stages, uniting art and dance, the cycle of life and death. Afterwards, the circle Ofrenda para el león blanco, which is where the choreography with pieces by Guerrero takes place, will remain on display until September 15, the closing date of this artistic proposal in Toro.

“I love the dialogue between ancient art and contemporary art, it seems to me that this dialogue enriches everyone a lot,” says the artist.

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