Friday, January 21

Suspect of attempting to attack students with a knife was killed by police in Florida

Authorities received the incident report at 10:30 pm on Friday.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Florida authorities shot and killed a knife-wielding suspect on the Florida Institute of Technology campus Friday night he was chasing several students.

Melbourne, Florida city police responded to a 10:50 pm report of a man armed with a knife assaulting students on the Florida Institute of Technology campus, with the advantage that the suspect could be cornered by members of the security of the place before the agents arrived.

However, when the police tried to arrest the subject, he pounced on an officer, having the police officer and a member of campus security shoot the suspect, who died at the scene despite the fact that they tried to save him.

The suspect was identified as Alhaji Sow, an 18-year-old student and tutor at the university, Florida Institute of Technology spokesman Wes Summer told Fox News, noting that the suspect entered his sophomore year and studied aeronautical science.

Through a Facebook post, the institute warned students to stay away from residential areas during the incident.

For his part, T. Dwayne McCay, president of the Florida Institute of Technology, by means of an email stated: “The safest college campuses are those where students, staff, faculty, and others look out for one another.“.

“I want all members of this university community to know that we will overcome this, together,” said McCay, who thanked all the people who invest their lives in protecting citizens.

He also stressed that the services and support and advice will continue to be available to the campus community in the coming days.

A 13-year-old student told Spectrum News that he was surprised by what happened, and stressed that at night he does activities such as playing basketball, skateboarding or walking, but he never thought of a problem of that caliber in which he could get injured.

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