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Sustainability and circular economy, the key to Urbaser’s waste management

Cleaning the beaches using specific sand screening machines.

Cleaning the beaches using specific sand screening machines.

Urbaser, one of the world leaders in environmental management, stands out for being a global company oriented towards sustainability, which provides service to more than 50 million people in 30 countries. Its mission is to contribute to sustainable development of cities and territories through efficient services and innovative technology. And in this line it intends to become a benchmark for society and a leader in solutions for circular economy, environmental management and the generation of responses to new research challenges in these areas.

Raise awareness

From Urbaser and l´Ajuntament d´Elx, periodic campaigns have been carried out in the different media every year in which the population is sensitized about the need to notify in advance to deposit household items in advance in an agreed manner, as well as the need to deposit the different wastes in their corresponding containers, such as that of glass, packaging and paper and cardboard. Also carrying out campaigns to raise awareness about the degradation suffered by our urban space and the camp d´Elx if uncontrolled dumping is carried out in any area of ​​garbage, household goods and industrial waste, with an investment close to the € 100,000 per year.


Selective collection of paper-cardboard fractions and packaging on public roads.

Urbaser is one of the world references in innovation applied to the environmental sector and waste management. This bet decided by the research, development and innovation is the engine of its leadership, a DNA that is manifested in a transversal way in all areas of the company. A fundamental element of its innovation strategy is the policy drawn up by the R & D & i Committee, in which all the company’s business areas participate. Urbaser’s R & D & i policy and its priority lines are included in the Multi-year Strategic Innovation Plan.

The company understands innovation as a constant process of continuous search for new paths to go from waste to resource. All rejects and by-products have potential value that brings them closer to the idea of ​​a circular economy.

Circular economy

Clean point of the Agrifood Park of La Alcudia.

Urbaser bets on him sustainable development as the best way to create social welfare, environmental balance and progress. How to obtain diesel from plastic waste or how obtain biogas through organic waste are some of Urbaser’s current lines of research. In the latter case, the company has patented a Organic waste ‘digester’ only one in the world which allows an “anaerobic digestion” process to transform organic waste into biogas.

Urbaser actions to conserve the environment

1- Transform rejections into resources, contributing to the maximum materialization of the idea of ​​circular economy.

2- Apply the results of the innovation in the waste treatment plants and the provision of urban services of the Urbaser Group.

3- Minimize the environmental impacts of the activities and processes of the organization.

4- Implement digitization to improve the provision of services and production processes.

5- Promote the tools of Technological Surveillance and Knowledge Management.

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