Thursday, October 28

Suzy Cortez gets tattooed again in honor of Messi, but she does it in a controversial area of ​​her body

For three dollars Suzy Cortez has left the exclusive videos and photos on his OnlyFans account, which is accessible for just three dollars. There his fans will be able to see how the new tattoo was made in honor of Messi. Be careful, on Twitter he has left some advances and these are giving a lot to talk about, because through these you can see that his new tattoo is in a controversial area of ​​his body.

Regarding this publication, which is also a promise fulfilled by Suzy Cortez, she shares: “I said that I would get a tattoo in honor of the first title of the best Messi of all time with Argentina. Promise kept and to see the tattoo, access my profile for only three dollars a month. Also get access to my full super hot content. “

On Instagram the Brazilian model was censored and he lost his account in which he had just over two million followers. But this doesn’t stop her from staying active on Twitter, giving her most ardent followers every taste. But it is also true that most of his posts are just promoting what his fans can expect on OnlyFans.

It must be remembered, on the other hand, that This is not the first tattoo that Suzy Cortez has done in honor of Messi. There are already others in his body, also in compromising areas, and the whole world has been able to see them.

On the departure of the Argentine player we talked with the Brazilian And this is what she, the Carioca, wanted to say: “Millions of Catalans and I, all over the world, are very sad with what happened. The president of Barcelona said: “Nobody is bigger than the club, no player and not even the best greatest player in the world.”

“It refers to Messi. I can’t honestly say if this is really true… But if it weren’t for Leo, Barcelona would have been embarrassed in La Liga and in Europa League disputes for a long time. Everything that is happening is the fault of the criminal Bartomeu and also of Laporta, because since December he knew what was happening inside the institution ”.

MissBumBum also added: “I will continue to support Barcelona, ​​but I will support and support Messi, whatever team he plays and I will wear his jersey. I have followed him since his childhood! I watched him grow up and praise the club, like no other player has in history!

“The whole world knows that MESSI is my biggest idol. Number one in soccer. I would like him to play in England, but it is he who decides what is best for him and his family ”, he concluded.

Another famous person who recently joined this fiery platform is the Mexican model Yanet García, who can promote her account from Instagram and did it these days with a set of lace lingerie and many transparent points on her body.

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